Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 93, The Magicians

Sorry for the long absence, have been and still am without regular access to internet. Have been doing a lot of reading and researching to keep up on my commitment. I found these great quotes in a book called 'The Magicians' by Lev Grossman. Can't say I was terribly impressed over all by the book but I found these quotes to really provoke my thinking process.

1) "The study of magic is not a science, it is not an art, and it is not a religion. Magic is a craft. When we do magic, we do not wish and we don't pray. We rely upon our will and our knowledge and our skill to make a specific change to the world."

2) You cannot study magic. You can not learn it. You must ingest it. Digest it. You must merge with it. And it with you.
When a Magician cast a spell, he does not first mentally review the Mafor, Minor Tertiary, and Quaternary Circumstances. He does not search his soul to determine the phase of the moon and the nearest body of water, and the last time he wiped his ass. When he wishes to cast a spell he simply cast it. When he wishes to fly, he simply flies. When he wants the dishes donethey simply are.".........
You need to do more than memorize Quentin. You must learn the principles of magic with more than your head. You must learn them with your bones, with your blood, your liver, your heart, your dick. ........... We are going to submerge the language of spell casting deep into who your are, so that you have it always, wherever you are, whenever you need it. Not just wehn you have studied for a test."


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hey thanks - love these! Call me!