Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Horus & High Magick

Horus Invocation :

Horus: Hawk headed God of Strength and Silence, and the Great
Work. He is the Successor to Osiris, the God of the Patriarchy.
Experiments indicate that his primary function in terms of
practical effects will be access to Energy in whatever particular
form it is the Will of the individual practitioner to experience
and utilize it. Since s/he is the crowned and conquering child,
who is an androgynous or integrated positive/negative, yin/yang,
male/female being, this often involves exploration of the
practitioners nongender polarity (for a man his feminine aspect,
for a woman her masculine aspect).
Abrahadabra, his reward, is the path of the Great Work, union
of the individual with their own personal Godhead. Such apotheosis
must take place very individually, and his Ordeal x is a totally
individual matter upon which individual meditations cannot help
but be instructive.
His aspects in terms of the planets would be Jupiter, Mars,
the Sun, and the Moon. His season is spring and if he could be said
to have one Element it would be Air as the mediating element
between the Active Fire and Passive Water (Hadit and Nuit or Yang
and Yin if you prefer) or spirit, as the balancing element between
the other four. His other deity aspects as listed in the Book of
the Dead (Papyrus of Ani), and A.E Wallace Budge's "The Gods of the
Egyptians" are quite numerous 86 for the Aspects with names
beginning with Heru, with the Harpocrates aspect and the Ra
Aspects, and the Khensu Aspects, the deity has undoubtedly been
sharing nervous systems with many kinds of magicians for a long
Horus is the Metaphor for the New Aeon. The Aeons that have past,
the Aeon of the Mother and Father, were necessary while most of
humanity were evolutionarily speaking, infants. Society during
these aeons was comprised almost exclusively of people seeking
surrogate parents in the form of religious and political leaders,
and people attempting to take the place of these parents, usually
in an infantile way which involved utilization of their gender
polarity (men yang and women yin). Now humanity is at least at the
end of its infancy. More than ever individuals are ready to stand
on their own two feet and take responsibility for their Wills. Only
an infant needs their parent to carry them. The primary social task
of this Aeon will be the recognition of the individual as the unit
of society. Horus is a God of war and vengeance because at this
point the forces of the Old Aeon will not let him exist peacefully.
This metaphor holds whether we contemplate the terrified wielders
of the Nuclear terror that comprise our national leadership, or the
inhibitions and guilt (especially concerning sexuality) that adorn
the lives of all victims of the Judeo-Christian ethic with our
struggles against them. Horus is not struggling against his father
Osiris, but rather against the Qlipthotic remains of his dominion.
As the lord of strength, he operates in the Element of fire. As
lord of silence he operates in water. As the balance between Hadit
and Nuit, he operates in Air. As the current aggregate of
experiences(God) currently ruling the world, he operates in Earth.
As the Lord of the Great Work and personal and Species Evolution,
he operates in Spirit. Hadit and Nuit are omnipresent as the
interplay of the entire Multiverse (the 0=2 formula). Horus is the
current operating mode for success in Magick in the world today.
His Magickal Image is a Hawk headed young man on a throne. As a God
enthroned s/he condenses the interplay of the Gods of the 93
current. He demands the ordeal of the Great Work, the union with
ones individual Genius, or Godhead, or H.G.A. This is something
that we are all capable of in the sense that it is at least
something on the close side of the Abyss, and has as a clear
guideline "success" as proof.

The Neo-Thelemoid system of magick is intimately involved with
the practical aspects of Hadit's formula of eternal life.
Note: these five verses can be used as invocations of Hadit in the
four quarters and in the center for Spirit.
AL3:6 I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the
core of every star. I am life and the giver of life, yet therefore
is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
AL 3:71 But exceed! exceed!
AL 3:72 Strive ever to more! and if thou art truly mine--and doubt
it not, an if thou art ever joyous!--death is the crown of all.
AL 3:73 Ah! Ah! Death! Death! thou shalt long for death. Death is
forbidden, o man, unto thee.
AL 3:74 The length of thy longing shall be the strength of its
glory. He that lives long & desires death much is ever the King
among the Kings.

Casting Circle:

Part 1 Cross of Balance:

Grasping with the active hand above the head, visualize your hand
grasping life force in a glowing shaft, and pulling it down to your
forehead at this point (also feel the prickling of the power on
your skin, hear the singing of the power in your ears, smell it in
your nostrils, and even taste of it on your tongue, these
sensations varying in their particulars from person to person):
Vibrate -- HERU-RA-HA!
Trace the life force down to the svadisthana chackra (while
imagining with all the senses sight, feel, hearing, smell, taste!)
Vibrate -- HORUS!
Trace the life force up to your right shoulder (imagining with
every sense still!)
Vibrate -- RA-HOOR-KHUIT!
Trace the life force across to your left shoulder (again, using the
imagination with every sense!)
Finally, clasp your hands, fingers intertwined, elbows folded and
pointed horizontal to the floor (like arms of a cross), and
visualize your Lamen in the center of the cross, while
Vibrating -- ABRAHADABRA!

Part Two: Opening the Pentagram gateways

Stand facing the East with your wand in your active and your cup
in your inactive hand and trace an invoking pentagram of AIR.
Vibrate, while stabbing outwards in the center of it and exhaling,
one of the four names of Horus:
(Note: See Liber O, Section III, #3 on the best way to vibrate if
you're out of practice!)

Ra-Hoor-Khuit: The Martial "strength, force, vigour of your arms"
aspect of Horus who both overcomes adversity and heals through a
fierce harmony by cutting away the imbalanced. Will POWER.
Hoor-Paar-Kraat: The child Harpocrates who derives his Power
through Silence. The Gedulah Sphere aspect. MEMORY.
Heru-Ra-Ha: The synthesis of both of these things into one. The
Solar Horus of the Tipareth Sphere. The Mystical, rather than the
Warrior protector, or the Lawgiver, Horus. TRANSMUTATION/HEALING.
(Note: another place for this aspect of Horus is in Kether, as the
highest aspect of Godhead currently attainable by human beings in
this Current Aeon)
Horus: the synthesis of all these aspects in one. The "personality"
aspect of this deity that operates in the world of Malkuth as the
ruler of the world during this Aeon.

Choose the name you will to use based on the purpose of a
particular circle.
Visualize the power of the Name radiating from the Pentagram, as
a yellow streaming force for example. Feel the winds play on and
in your body. Hear the rush of the Air into your Circle. Smell the
power of Air as the sap of a torn leaf or pine. Taste Air as a
fresh mint on your tongue.

South: Trace the invoking pentagram of FIRE.
Inhale the Name, exhale and stab your wand into the center of the
pentagram as you vibrate the Name:
Visualize the red flames of the Fire Principle entering your
Circle. Feel the heat. Hear the roar of the fire. Smell the smoke,
or pepper, or whatever. Taste pepper or ginger or garlic.

West: Trace the invoking pentagram of WATER.
Inhale the Name, exhale and stab your wand into the center of the
pentagram as you vibrate the Name:
Visualize the blue mist of the Water Principle enter your Circle.
Feel the cold. Hear the roar of waves, or the patter of raindrops.
Smell the salt wind of the sea. Taste cold spring water, or tart
sea water.

North: Trace the invoking pentagram of EARTH.
Inhale your Magickal Name, exhale and stab into the center of the
pentagram as you vibrate your Name.
Visualize the black [or brown if you prefer] grains of the Earth
Principle. Hear an avalanche. Smell freshly turned soil. Taste your
favorite vegetable, or fresh earth's mustiness.
{Here you use your own Magickal Name. The symbolism is that of the
current formula you are trying to make manifest in the world of
physical events. This assures that this ritual is different for
each practitioner, and encourages each of us to create our own
Liber O Section II, #4: "These rituals should not be slavishly
imitated; on the contrary, the student should do nothing the object
of which he does not understand; also, if he have any capacity
whatever, he will find his own rituals more effective than the
highly polished ones of other people."
In addition, where you are always using your own ritual, there can
be no drain on your magickal energy by others using the very same
ritual, as Franz Bardon in "Initiation Into Hermetics" warns us
The Rulers of the Four Quarters:

The Old Aeon offered us contact with Archangels. We prefer to
deal with a multiplicity of deities, so creating/contacting a less
Hierarchical/Stratified multiverse.
The Children of Horus are named Quebhsennuf, Hapi, Tuamautef,
and Mestha. They represent the forces of balanced access to the
energy of the four elements, protection of disembodied
consciousness also called the astral body and body of light & etc.,
endurance, and access to unlimited life force even past the point
of physical death. This function of theirs is quite specific, they
being mentioned as the gods who "have never known what it is to
hunger" who will feed the magician their "beer of everlastingness"
and "bread of eternity" of which Horus himself has eaten. This
energy source is apparently not one that all deities have gained
access to according to the A. E. Wallis Budge translation of the
Book of the Dead.
Experimentation indicates that the four Children of Horus can
be valuable allies in the attainment of this state in that they can
extend the control of the magician over the protective powers of
their father enabling the Omnipotence of Hadit and Nuit to become
ever more and more manifest in the Circle or Aura of the Magician
who stands at the Center Place. As s/he wills, so mote it be.
This list of attributions will be helpful in further understanding

HAPI: Earth. Protective physical force. name means "goddess who
refreshes her brothers." Magickal image: Ape headed mummy. Magickal
MESTHA: Fire. Quarter-South. Protective Will force. Name means "the
God within." Magickal image: Human headed mummy. Magickal Power=TO
TUAMAUTEF: Air. Quarter-East. Protective Mental force. Name means
"the God of secrets." Magickal image: Hawk headed mummy. Magickal
QUEBSHENNUF: Water. Quarter-West. Name means "Goddess who exults
fertility." Magickal image: Jackal headed mummy. Magickal Power=TO

The practitioner who is not prepared to invoke, in varying
stages, the forces of hir physical dissolution, which is the
negative aspect of the forces involved, should not contact these
entities. It could be argued that just by living and breathing we
invoke the forces of our physical death so what harm could this
do, but if it is not your will to be working with these energies
at the present time, you should either be prepared to bind the
death forces, or simply not contact them in your rituals. Gradient
exposure is the effect we seek.

Invoking the Rulers of the Four Quarters:

Stand in the middle of your Circle. Stand in the Sign of the
Sphinx: Arms flung wide to form a V, Legs spread wide to form an
inverted V. The symbolism here is an X. This means:
a. The crossing of neural impulses between the right and left lobe
of the brain through the corpus callosum.
b. The Malkuth Cross -- Balanced manifestation of the four
elements, with the fifth at the center.
c. The Unknown Quantity which Death represents.

Once in this position say:
(Inhale His Name, and vibrate it as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine His Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.
(Inhale Her Name, and vibrate it as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine Her Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.
(Inhale His Name, and vibrate it as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine His Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.
(Inhale Her Name, and vibrate as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine His Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.

Magickal Images of the Rulers of the Quarters:

TUAMAUTEF: A mummy with arms crossed in yellow bandages and a
Jackel head. Before him floats a dagger identical to your own.
Around him billows the forces of Air. Imagine the same stimuli as
you did for the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)
QHEBSHENNUF: A mummy with arms crossed in blue bandages and a Hawk
head. Before her floats a cup identical to your own. Around her
floats the forces of Water. Imagine the same stimuli as you did
for the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)
MESHTA: A mummy with arms crossed in red bandages and a Human head
(male) Before him floats a wand identical to your own. Around him
flares the forces of Fire. Imagine the same stimuli as you did for
the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)
HAPI: A mummy with arms crossed in green bandages and a Ape head.
Before her floats a pantacle identical to your own. Around her
stands the forces of Earth. Imagine the same stimuli as you did for
the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)

Always use the Wand and Cup for invocations.
Trace the Circle Clockwise.
Visualize your Circle as a glowing globe surrounding you entirely.
Choose any incense you Will.
Take it a step at a time! Learn the cross of balance, then casting
the Pentagrams, then imagining, in sequence, each sense in turn.
(First visualizing, then feeling, then hearing, tasting, smell, in
whatever order you Will.)

Using this Circle for Banishing:

When casting this Circle for the purposes of Banishing, it is
in all ways similar to the Invoking Circle except for:
1. You will use your dagger in your active (right hand for righties
left hand for lefties) hand, and hold your pantacle in your passive
hand for a Banishing Circle.
2. You will trace a banishing Pentagram in each quarter. When you
imagine the sense images for each five senses, form them along the
circumference of the globe of your Circle, rather than having them
flow into your Circle through each Pentagram.
3. When visualizing the Rulers of the Four Quarters, see them
facing in towards you when you are invoking, and facing out away
from you when you banish.

Here is an interesting link to follow for a cool article on Horus.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cleaning Ritual for Yule

 A nice ritual to prepare for Yule or anytime life is feeling a little to cluttered and disorgainized.

Go through your belongings. If you can't wear it, eat it or use it, get rid of it. As you sort, visualize any worn-out thought patterns, perceptions or notions that block your success being tossed into the discard pile. Place all your house clutter into a basket or box before you start cleaning. Put everything back in its place after the scrubbing is done. Grab the broom and use it to free ceilings and walls of dirt and cobwebs. As you sweep, sing the following chant to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb":

As I sweep and sing this song
Useless stuff be now gone
Clear out now you cannot stay
Make room for a brighter day.

 from Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth by Dorothy Morrisson

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mabon Blessings

Goddess Of Autumn;

Goddess, pull your mantle of Autumn over and around us

We see you in the purple dusk and the early setting sun

We see you in the fall of leaves in the auburn, orange and red

We smell you in the ripening of the fruits of your harvest

We smell you in the smoke of the bonfires of your leaves

We hear you in the chatter of the gathering squirrels

We hear you in the rumble of the settling mountains

We taste your bounty in the gathering of the autumn crops

We taste you bounty in the essence of the grapes and fruits

We feel your presence in the earth and air around us

We feel your love in our hearts and our souls.

Goddess, stay with us, bless us and protect us

So Mote It Be


Mabon Blessing
Goddess, we thank you for your blessings and gifts

For the bounties of spring and summer and fertility of our lives and lands

For the powers of creation, which challenge us and fill us with breathtaking awe

Goddess we thank you

For the earth with its sunrises and sunsets, ocean tides and mountain peaks

For the Humanity, our shared pasts and futures, our oneness despite all differences

Goddess we thank you

For our hopes and dreams, noble causes and understanding of views not shared

For all who have worked and fought for a fairer universe and a life of dignity and freedom

Goddess we thank you

For the opportunity to learn and grow, the knowledge to teach and make choices

For the wisdom to live by hope and not fear and by our deeds not our words

Goddess, we thank you

For all that we have overlooked and taken for granted in the our daily life

For being and letting us be blessed by that being

Goddess, mighty and powerful, tender and charitable, we most gratefully thank you now.

Blessed Be

On this day of equal light and darkness, may you find the balance you need in your life, may you be blessed with abundance of many kinds, and may you be surrounded by the people who love you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corn Wealth Spell

For wealth and prosperity for a year, take the husk from an ear of corn and put a dollar bill along with a note written on parchment,

"Oh, dear god of luck,
money is like muck,
not good except it be spread.
Spread some here at--------------(write in your address).
Thanks be to thee. Amen."

Sign your name.

Sprinkle the dollar bill and note with Coltsfoot leaves.
Roll the husk up and tie together with green string or ribbon.
Hang the token up above the entryway with green cord.
That husk should bring riches into your home or business by the bushel.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Garden Magick 2

The following diagrams are for a basic Witches Garden which will provide you with a wide variety of herbs for many magical purposes. These plants are all hardy to zone 7, and all except the bay, rosemary, lemon verbena and lavender are hardy to zone 4. If you plant the four tender plants in pots which you can bring in for the winter you should have no problems. Some of the plants are annuals, but the majority are perennials. No measurements are given to allow you to fit the plan to the site you have available. Each of the small squares can be as small as one foot by two feet, or as large as you like. The bigger the squares, the more plants you can put in each one. If you orient each section according to the North arrow and follow the layout diagram, the tallest plants will be on the outside, forming a small, private nook in the center. Sun gardening and moon gardening are used in conjunction to give your garden a head start. You can also use morning astrological hours and sun hours to assist in this. (Based on Lady Galadriel's garden)

Planting by the Zodiac
the Ram Aries/Fire/Masculine/Day/Cardinal-The Moon in Aries is a dry & barren time; plant onions, hot peppers & garlic, cultivate what is all ready there, and kill weeds & insects.
the Bull Taurus/Earth/Feminine/Night/Fixed-The Moon in Taurus is a moist and productive time; a good time for planting--especially root crops such as turnips, potatoes, carrots and for cultivating bulbs.
the Twins Gemini/Air/Masculine/Day/Mutable-The Moon in Gemini is a dry and barren time--a good time to stir up and aerate the soil, subdue weeds, pinch buds to stop unwanted growth; also good for keeping a garden diary to write down new ideas.
the Crab Cancer/Water/Feminine/Night/Cardinal-The Moon in Cancer is THE most moist & fertile time in the Zodiac. Seeds germimate quickly! Time to plant above ground, irrigate, do grafting, and to transplant new seedlings.
the Lion Leo/Fire/Masculine/Day/Fixed-The Moon in Leo is the driest, most barren of times. *No* planting should be done, or trimming of vines or trees; you can kill weeds & insects, and burn out old growth in the fields.
the Virgin Virgo/Earth/Feminine/Night/Mutable-The Moon in Virgo is a moist, but barren time; cut weeds, tie up pole-plants, clean the dirt & rust off your garden tools, tuck new straw around the plants--generally tidy up the garden.
the Scales Libra/Air/Masculine/Day/Cardinal-The Moon in Libra is a moist and fairly productive time, good for vigorous pulp growth, and hearty grain yields. This is the best time to plant any ornamental flowers or sow flower seeds.
the Scorpion Scorpio/Water/Feminine/Night/Fixed-The Moon is Scorpio is a very moist and productive time. This is the best time for fertilizing your crops; good for planting too--especially vines; also a good time to irrigate.
the Archer Sagittarius/Fire/Masculine/Day/Mutable-The Moon in Sagittarius is a dry and barren time--*do not* plant now or try to trim plants ; harvest now only during the *dark* of the Moon (also during Aquarius and Aries).
the Goat Capricorn/Earth/Feminine/Night/Cardinal-The Moon in Capricornus is a fairly productive time; it is especially good for planting root crops such as carrots and potatoes. This is also the time to wean your pets.
the Water-Bearer Aquarius/Air/Masculine/Day/Fixed-The Moon in Aquarius is a dry & barren time, not good for planting, but good for stirring the soil & killing weeds. Harvesting during the last quarter of the New Moon is best.
the Fishes Pisces/Water/Feminine/Night/Mutable-The Moon in Pisces is a moist and very productive time; excellent for the growth of fruits and berries, and to fertilize the garden. Good for short, quick growth and deep roots, and for planting bulbs

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ritual for a Fresh Start

Again not my work, been sitting in my draft folder for over two years. I give thanks out into the universe to the originator of this work and the creative force behind it. I know this ritual appears to be for the New Year, but I thought it would be good for the spring solstice also, spring cleaning and all. May this ritual bring you and yours a year of blessings, renewed every year. So Mote it Be.

Let's start with the home, the one's you love and yourself. First for the home is quite simple. You need four white candles for purity and healing. Light each one as you bless your circle and call in the four corners; north, south, east and west. As an example I always ask them to come by saying;

" I call upon the spirit of the North; Earth. Please come and join my circle."

I ask the other corners and whomever I pray to the same way as respect to them. Asking them to join me in this spell. You may also call in to whoever you may pray to for guidance. This is to make sure that nothing negative may come and contaminate your spell. Then just simply recite this;

Please_____ protect my home, everything inside and those that I love.
From the deep grounds beneath the house to the clouds above.

Let every wall, door and window be protected from those who may do harm.

So mote it be.

Thank the corners and whomever you pray to for coming and have a safe journey. Let the candles burn for about another minute then blow them out.

A good way to start the year. You may do this spell as often as at least every year to make it stronger. Protecting the ones you love inside the home are just as important as those on the outside.

Another simple way to not only have protection inside the house, but happiness and health as well is to have a few stones that also serve those purposes inside either a vase or a jar or a little bag to keep near by. Here's just a few of them that are good for either inside the house or to keep around you;

Onyx- Happiness


Jade-H ealth, Wisdom, Wealth

Jasper- Health, Luck, Stress Reduction

Juniper-Health, Purification

Those are just a few that's good to have around the house or on your persona. One thing you should do though is purify them. A simple way to do it is place themin a bowl of water and lavender oil. Lavender is for protection and stress-reduction so it's also good to have some for the bath when things seem to be getting too stressful. I suggest to leave them in for an hour and then simply dry them and place them in whatever container you choose to put them in.

Garden Magick 1

A garden is already a pretty magickal place, but a little spellwork can help your plants thrive. This spell is meant for the early spring when plants are just starting to sprout. You will need:

• 1 pint of milk
• A few spoons of honey
• 4 wooden garden stakes
• A length of green ribbon

If you can get organic milk and honey, even better. Mix the honey into the milk, and bring it out side to your garden with the stakes and ribbon. Try to do this on a sunny day after your plants have begun to come up.

Cut your ribbon into 4 pieces, long enough to tie a bow around the tops of each stake. Choose 4 points around your garden that would more or less surround the plants. North, south, east and west are ideal but not necessary. At each point, pour some of the honey milk and then push the stake into the moist earth. With each stake, say:

Milk and honey, flowing out
Goddess bless my every sprout
Growing strong
Season's long
Today I bless my garden

Your garden is now blessed with magic, but you still need to water it regularly and keep it free of weeds if you want it to thrive.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celtic Knot Magick

By: Sam Stevens

Celtic Knot Magic doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some very simple rituals that might help you increase the overall prosperity in your life. Some are old, some are new, but one thing is certain they are all very superstitious.

Herbs are very well known for the money-drawing properties. Small pots of rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley are money drawing plants that are thought to bring prosperity to your home
A horseshoe nailed above the inside your front door is thought to keep prosperity in and keep poverty out. The idea is that the horseshoe is like a cup that embraces your good fortune.
A bowl of change by the front door is thought to keep money in your pocket. Old or foreign coins are thought to bring money to the home.
Placing a sprig of the herb cinquefoil under your pillow is thought to improve your cash flow.
The saying is "A Bayberry Candle burned to the socket, brings prosperity to the home and money in the pocket. Buy a pre-scented bayberry candle or anoint a green or pink candle with bayberry oil and light it.
Sprinkling a little cinnamon in your wallet is thought to hasten the speedy return of any money that may leave your hands."
A bed of shamrocks planted at the front door is thought to increase money flow and bring good fortune.
Wrap a bill with a large denomination around a piece of mandrake root with an elastic band and place it in your cash register to double your sales.
An acorn that is hollowed out, filled with cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and gold flakes and then sealed with green wax is thought to bring opportunities and financial fortune your way.
For the necessities of life, light a red candle to the Archangel Chamuel and ask that you always have the tools of your trade, food on your table, a roof over your head and money in the bank.
Make lemonade out of your lemons. Juice lemons; add water and sugar to taste. Stir the lemonade in the pitcher three times in a counterclockwise circle, saying " Gone, gone ...bad luck begone." Then stir in a clockwise direction saying " Mine, mine ...all good things are mine." Drink.
Stick a clove of garlic with nine pins and hang it near the front door to protect you from poverty.
Fill a small bowl with equal parts of sugar, salt and rice. Mix thoroughly and place an open safety pin in its center. Keep the bowl out in the open to eliminate poverty.
Rub a green candle with a tiny bit of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon and dab of orange juice or orange oil. Light and ask for quick cash or money in a hurry.
To enhance business, find three foreign coins and wrap them in a gold colored cloth. Place it in the drawer of your cash register.
On a new moon, make a slit in a yam and wedge a penny inside it. Put it outside for fourteen days (until the full moon) and then bury it on the Full moon.
Draw the Ace, Ten and Seven of diamonds from an ordinary deck of playing cards. Anoint them with a commercial prosperity oil (or cinnamon or bayberry oil) and carry the three cards in your pocket to draw prosperity to you.
Whenever you find a coin on the floor, step on it and say, "Money on the floor, money at the door." Then pick it up and put it in your pocket.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Wish Spell

This spell has been used many times and the wished things have happened

usually in a short time.

-Needed Supplies-

*1 sheet of quality paper/parchment

*a pen/pencil used in magickal works

*candles (usually white, can change depending on your wish)

Do a relaxation ritual before this and clear your mind well. Concentrate on

the spell not the joy afterwards.

Take the paper/parchment and draw a pentagram in the middle of it. Then draw

a ying-yang symbol in the middle of it. Now write down your wish on the top

of the sheet. Write your wish such as ''make me get rich, make my

mother/friend etc. get healed, make me get 'the thing you want''...

Then fold the sheet 2-3 times and seal it with your candle. Then burn it with

the fire of candle you sealed it. While it turns into ashes, repeat your wish

inside yourself or out loud. When it's all ash,sprinkle the ashes from a

window or such.

'Be careful what you wish for, it can come in any way'

Misc. Full Moon Spells

just say this words when the moon is full:

"Lady of luck come out of your hiden course
bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above
and in the light of luck will be blessed i, when the moon is next to be full."

Done During the Full Moon...
Fill your cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin into it. Position the cauldron so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Gently sweep your
hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon's silver.
While doing this say...
"Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your
wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver
and gold. All you give, my purse can hold."
Repeat this three times. When finished, pour the water upon the earth.

This spell I made my own version... and it works quite well!
This may be done at any time, but preferably at the same time each day or night.
You will need a Green Candle and a White Candle. The Green candle represents the money, and the white candle represents you. Make sure you annoint the candles with oil first, thinking of your desire for money to come to you. Set the candles on your alter or table 9 inches apart. After doing this say...
"Money, money come to me
In abundance three times three
May I be enriched in the best of ways
Harming none on its way
This I accept, so mote it be
Bring me money three times three!"
Repeat this for nine days. Each day move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle. When the candles touch, your spell is finished. Make sure you visualize the money pouring in from the universe.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I HAVE invoked thee, O Sun, in the midst of the high heavens.
Thou art in the shadow of the cedar, and thy feet rest on the summits.
The countries have called thee eagerly, they have directed their looks towards thee,
O Friend, thy brilliant light illuminates every land, overthrowing all that impedes thee, assemble the countries, for thou, O Sun, knowest their boundaries.
Thou who annihilatest falsehood, who dissipated the evil influence of wonders, omens, sorceries, dreams, evil apparitions, who turnest to a happy issue malicious designs, who annihilatest men and countries that devote themselves to fatal sorceries, I have taken refuge in thy presence.
Do not allow those who make spells, and are hardened, to arise.
Frighten their heart,
Settle also, O Sun, light of the great gods
Right into my marrow, O Lords of breath, that I may rejoice, even I.
May the gods who created me take my hands!
Direct the breath of my mouth!
My hands direct them also, Lord, light of the legions of the heavens. Sun, O Judge!


IN THE place of tears, I, the singer, watch my flowers, they enthrall my spirit as I walk alone with them--My spirit sad amid the flowers.

In this spot where the herbage is as sweet ointment, and green as the turquoise and emerald, I dream of a song of beauty while the blossoms of beauty are in my hand!

Let us rejoice now, O friends! O children! For the life of the earth-born is not long upon earth.

I now go forth in swiftness--to the sweet songs I go forth--to the flowers of fragrance, O friends! O children!

O hé! I sang aloud, O hé! I rained song blossoms as I sped!

Let us go forth to the four ways! I, the singer, shall find and bring forth the flowers. Let us be glad while we live--hark to my song of joy!

I, the poet, cry out a song for a place of joy--a radiant song which descends to the Underworld, and there turns and echoes back to you!

I seek neither vestments or riches, O friends! O children! but a song for a place of joy!

Bless this Day

May this day be blessed with gifts
Lessons, understanding and friends
May my energy be a gift to all I meet

Let me be centered, healing and open
May I face the day with courage
kindness, insight and compassion

May my spirit and body, honor this day
~ Abby Willowroot © 1999

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Horse Shoe Wish Spell

To get what you want ..... Take a horse shoe and put it around a red candle . put the
candle in a darkened room in the middle of a table . Write what it is you want on a
piece of paper with a quill pen dipped in black ink . chat the following as you write .
What I want I write here . Please take my dream and bring it near . What I want Is What
I should get . Let all my dreams Now be met . now take the paper and fold it in a
square of four creases . hold it over the candle with a pair of tweezers and let it burn .
Picture yourself with your wish fulfilled as you burn the paper send waves of love at
the image you conjure of your self ..... ONLY ONE CATCH TO THIS SPELL.....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Enlightenment Ritual

This spell requires two blue candles and one candle to portray yourself, and sandalwood oil.

Anoint candles with the oil and visualize yourself being translike state. place blue candles on either side of the chosen candle, light the blue candles and say unto thyself:

-Spirit guides/ higher self hear my plea

-Come now and converse with me

-Walk me and guide me through this veil trance, I ask of you

Now sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your breathing patterns. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply, listen to rhythmic body and breathing motions. become relaxed and close your eyes. Focus on your third eye and visualize red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, indigo, purple, and white in order. Hold each color for a count of five. Watch as it fades into each color, still focusing on third eye. Watch your breath and see your chest rise and fall with with air (eyes still closed) and watch your breath as it as it changes into waves. Now visualize a door on water. Visualize yourself go in and visit with your spirit guide and ask questions. trust he answers you receive. Walk out the door, watch the waves turn back into breathing patterns. now open your eyes and say upon yourself:

-I return to earth again

-Thank you spirit self and friends

Then blow out the candles in reverse order, first your chosen candle and then the blue candles.

This spell is very good to do before trying other in-depth spells.

Questions about this ritual? E-mail the author of it..... mailto:jordan_lewis13@yahoo.com

Ritual for Attaining the Power of a Bear

You'll need:

-one candle
-one bear claw
-one bear toe bone
-one bear tooth

On a candle, use a bear claw to inscribe this text: "When this candle extinguish your power will be mine, your magic will be mine"

Now, light the candle, slightly burn the toe bone in the fire and say: "When this candle extinguish your power will be mine, your magic will be mine"

Now, burn the bear tooth in the fire and say: "When this candle extinguish your power will be mine, your magic will be mine"

Now, put all the bones beside the candle and let the candle burn down and extinguish itself.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Spell of the Comb and the Mirror

O Lady of Shimmering beauty,
For whom the stars are shining jewels
And the Universe Her creation and plaything,
Weaver of destinies
And protectress of things wild and free.
Make me now, I do ask
To be thy daughter.
Make me one with thee
And grant me thy far-flung power.
Grant to this, thy Witch and Sorceress
Strength within and without
As eternal as the boundless sea;
The calm assurance of my powers
To make any do my bidding
And the winds, waters, and fires,
The hills themselves
Lend willingly themselves to me,
Give to me, who am of thy ancient Craft
The wisdom of ages, the lore of eons
Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark.
Grant me beauty ever more perfect
That I may reflect thee better.
Build magick within me,
Build power within me.

Power be drawn, and power come,
And make me one with thee
Make me greater, make me better.
Grant me strength and grant me power.

O Goddess who is my friend and mother,
I give you love and thanks
O Beautiful One.
May the magic I have summoned

Return the stronger when I have need of it.
May wisdom, strength, comeliness and compassion
Remain with me, growing ever finer.
So mote it be!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ritual for a New Home

This spell/ritual has been sitting in my draft folder for over two years. I did not write it and so can not take credit for it, but I give thanks to whom ever did. I really like this imagry of this spell and how it harnesses the power of YOUR intention to achieve your dream home. May it bring to you that right and perfect home for you. So Mote it Be.


•red candle (my sources point me to green or blue candles for home magick but I didn’t feel that resonated with this task so I went for the power of fire-y red instead – the color is really your call.

•Four of Wands – I bought a Tarot deck at a used book store for artistic  magickal use only, so I took this card out for this spell. Please don’t use cards you’re afraid of damaging – a photocopy or a print-out version works as well!

•pinches of Rosemary, Sage, and Rose Petals – dried, mixed together and ground

•candle anointing oil – I like using a powerful High John the Conqueror Oil for luck and  overcoming odds

The Working:

1.Gather materials and bless them according to your practice.

2.Hold the red candle and the  Four of Wands and visualize walking through your dream home, full of happiness.

3.Carve “new home” with your name and astrological sign into the candle; dress with a blend of the above-listed herbs and oil.

4.Place candle in a holder over the Four of Wands and  light:
“Of all the places on this beautiful Earth, This enchanting home we shall call our own hearth! To Hestia, we plea to make our dreams real, and while I’m wishing, please make it a great deal! Blessed be.”

Braid Spell for Change

What would you like to change in your life? Your love interest, your affluence level, your career, or a bad habit? Buy three lengths of cord in a color that symbolizes for you the element you’d like to change. As you braid the cord, speak to it of your frustrations. Cry over it, tie knots in it, infuse it with your unhappiness. Holding this cord, say:

Unravel cursed threads,
So I can wind a better way.
Old ways are now in shreds,
A better life begins today.

Turn in a widdershins direction. After chanting, dig a hole in the earth and bury the cord.

 by Lily Gardner-Butts

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Give Up Past Hurts Spell

Another dusty spell sitting in my draft folder and again I don't know who wrote it or where it came from. I again give thanks to the author of this and the creative force behind it. Holding grudges and negative feelings can be so harmful for our health so I hope you find this helpful in your own lives. So Mote it Be.
Holding on to grudges and vengeful thoughts only drain positive emotional energy. Feelings of anger or past hurts should be released in constructive ways. Forgiveness creates a sense of self-acceptance, improves well-being, and brings liberation. If you unleash those suppressed feelings forgiving, you thus release yourself of blockages. Take a piece of black obsidian or jet crystal with you on a walk to the nearest river. Find a quiet spot and sit comfortably. Hold the crystal with both hands. Reflect upon events that had upset you and find the true source of anger. Cry and silently rant and rave your feelings, releasing them into the crytal. Recite a relevant affirmation to free yourself of anger. Repeat the affirmation seven times. Throw the crystal into the river with all your strength. Walk home and do not look back.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Healing Spell with Herbs

Herbs such as rosemary, sage, peppermint, patchouli, hyssop, heal all, flax seed, ginseng, eucalyptus, etc. have been associated with magickal healing properties. Let us do one spell that involves some herbs. Choose three herbs from the above list. Keep them in separate bowls.

First, get a blue candle. Blue is believed to be the color of healing. Purple also represents peace and healing. So if you do not have a blue candle, you may also use a purple candle.

Get a small pouch made of natural material or a small piece of cotton cloth with a cord or string also made of natural material. I usually insist on using natural materials because of the effects of unknown energies that arise from using artificial or synthetic materials.

Take a nice long bath with purifying herbal soaps or oils. This is usually recommended to cleanse our bodies and our minds from negative or inhibiting thoughts that may interfere with our positive visualizations.

Light the candle and sit by it. Read a chapter from a spiritual book to further increase your peace of mind and concentration. If you are working this spell for someone else, it is also good to have a photo or any item that they have worn or touched (such as a book).

Place this item in front of you and focus on this person and what s/he means to you. You may touch the item to get more connected. If you have no visible object to remember this person, then close your eyes and imagine this person smiling, happy and healthy.

Arrange the three bowls in front of you. Place the pouch or cotton cloth near you. With your fingers, stir one of the dried herbs with your fingers, feeling its energy and aroma seeping into your spirit. Chant the following repeatedly:

Herb that heals, heal me whole and complete.

Repeat this stirring and chanting 7 times while visualizing your relative completely healed and happy. Transfer the contents of the bowl to the cotton cloth or pouch. Repeat with the rest of the herbs.

When all the herbs have been added, close the pouch with this incantation:

My is healed, so mote it be!

Tie the pouch tight and place it under the pillow of the person who is sick. If they are far away, place it under your pillow. Every night, before you go to sleep, hold the pouch and repeat the incantation once.

Friday, February 24, 2012

elemental invocations

Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East, ye Lords of Air; I do summon call and stir you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle
Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the South, ye Lords of Fire; I do summon call and stir you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle
Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the West, ye Lords of Water; I do summon call and stir you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle
Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the North, ye Lords of Earth; I do summon call and stir you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle

Powers of Air, I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!
Powers of Fire, I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!
Powers of Water, I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!
Powers of Earth, I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!


Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East,
Powers of Air,
We invoke you and call you.
By the Air that is Her breath,
Be here now!
Hail and welcome!


Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South,
Powers of Fire,
We invoke you and call you.
By the Fire that is Her spirit,
Be here now!
Hail and welcome!


Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West,
Powers of Water,
We invoke you and call you.
By the Water that is Her living womb,
Be here now!
Hail and welcome!


Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North,
Powers of Earth,
We invoke you and call you.
By the Earth that is Her body,
be here now!
Hail and welcome!

Dismissal East:

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East,
Spirits of Air;
I do call you up to witness our ritual and to guard the Circle
in the names of Aradia and Cernunnos.
Hail and welcome!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South,
Spirits of Fire;
I do call you up to witness our ritual and to guard the Circle
in the names of Aradia and Cernunnos.
Hail and welcome!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West,
Spirits of Water;
I do call you up to witness our ritual and to guard the Circle
in the names of Aradia and Cernunnos.
Hail and welcome!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North,
Spirits of Earth;
I do call you up to witness our ritual and to guard the Circle
in the names of Aradia and Cernunnos.
Hail and welcome!


Air, clean and cool,
Be with us!
Hail and welcome!
Fire, warm and dry,
Be with us!
Hail and welcome!

Water, wet and fresh,
Be with us!
Hail and welcome!

Earth, strong and still,
Be with us!
Hail and welcome!


Guardians of the Watchtower of the East,
Mighty Ones of Air,
I invoke you and call you
to guard and witness this rite.
Hail and welcome!

Guardians of the Watchtower of the South,
Mighty Ones of Fire,
I invoke you and call you
to guard and witness this rite.
Hail and welcome!
Guardians of the Watchtower of the West,
Mighty Ones of Water,
I invoke you and call you
to guard and witness this rite.
Hail and welcome!
Guardians of the Watchtower of the North,
Mighty Ones of Earth,
I invoke you and call you
to guard and witness this rite.
Hail and welcome!


Ye, Lords of the Watchtowers of the East,
Ye Lords of Air,
We do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites
and guard the Circle!
Ye, Lords of the Watchtowers of the South,
Ye Lords of Fire,
We do summon, stir, and call you up
to witness our rites
and guard the Circle!
Ye, Lords of the Watchtowers of the West,
Ye Lords of Water,
We do summon, stir, and call you up
to witness our rites
and guard the Circle!
Ye, Lords of the Watchtowers of the North,
Ye Lords of Earth,
We do summon, stir, and call you up
to witness our rites
and guard the Circle!

Air moves us,
Fire transforms us,
Water shapes us,
Earth heals us,
And the balance of the wheel goes round and round,
And the balance of the wheel goes round

Sylphs, yellow butterflies,
floating lightly
on the breath of the wind
ride our sweet incense
with wishes born on fragrant smoke.
You are welcome; come in.
Creatures of the hearth
Warming our hearts
children of red and blue-white heat
will you play in our candle flames
gentle Salamanders?
Transforming fire
come from the south.
We call you; be here.

Undines of waves
twilight fish scale ladies
creatures of movement
living currents
salt and fresh
swim in these waters. Welcome our friends.

Gnomes of knowledge
black soil secrets of earth
little ones of roots and gems
you know the way of trees and grass
see stones on the altar
the bones of our grandmother.
We ask you, we ask you,
sit with us here.

--Myth Woodling, 2000

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Wish Spell Invoking the Four Directions

Perform the spells outside

You will need one of the following powdered
herbs according to what you will wish for:

Bay, also known as bay laurel (for success and prestige wishes)
Rosemary (for promotion and advanced wishes)
Cinnamon (for power wishes)
Vervain (Vebena) (for general wishes)
Cardamom (for love wishes)
Peppermint (for prosperity wishes)
Hold the herb you have chosen and visualize in fine detail.
Hold the herb up to your mouth and breathe upon it trying to
force the wish through your breath onto the herb.

Turn facing North and say:
"King Boreas of the north wind, by the powers of earth,
I call you to carry my wish to the northern quarter,
And by the powers of the gnomes, I ask that you bring me success."
Blow a quarter of the powdered herb from your palm in the direction of North.

Turn to the East and say:
"King Eureus of the East Wind, by the power of air,
I call you to carry my wish to the Eastern quarter,
And by the powers of sylphs, I ask that you bring me success".
Blow a quarter of the powdered herb to the east.

Turn to the South and say:
"King Notus of the south wind, by the powers of fire,
I call you to carry my wish to the southern quarter,
and by the powers of Salamanders, I ask that you bring me success".
Blow a quarter to the south.

Turn to the west and say:
"King Zephyrus of the west wind, By the powers of water, I call you
to carry my wish to the western quarter and by the power s of undines, I
ask that you bring me success".
Blow the final quarter to the of herb to the west.
Leave the area without looking back, safe in the knowledge that the powers of
the universe have taken over your wish.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wiccan Rede II

Hear now the word of the Witches, the secrets we hid in the night,
When dark was our destinys pathway, That now we bring forth in the light.

Mysterious Water and Fire, The Earth and the wide-ranging Air,
By hidden Quintessence we know Them, and we will keep silent and dare.

The birth and rebirth of all Nature, the passing of Winter and Spring,
We share with the life Universal, rejoice in the Magical Ring

Four times in the year the Great Sabbat, returns, and the Witches are seen,
At Lammas and Candelas dancing, on May Eve and old Halloween

When daytime and nighttime are equal, when sun is at greatest and least,
The four lesser Sabbats are summoned, again Witches gather in feast.

Thirteen silver moons in a year are, thirteen is the Covens array,
Thirteen times at Esbat make merry, for each golden year and a day.

The power has passed down the ages, each time between woman and man
Each century unto the other, ere times and the ages began.

When drawn is the Magickal circle, by sword or athame of power,
Its compass between two worlds lies, in the land of shades of that hour.

Our world has no right to know it, and the world beyond will tell naught,
The oldest of Gods are invoked there, the great work of Magic is wrought.

For two are the mystical pillars, that stand at the gate of the shrine,
And two are the powers of Nature, the forms and the forces divine.

And do what thou wilt be the challenge, so be it in love that harms none,
For this is the only commandment, By Magick of old be it done.

Eight words the Witches Rede fulfill:
If it Harms none, Do what Thou Will!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blessings on a New Moon

Ok, once again I do ot know where this came from but I really like the part where you bow, praise and ask for blessings.  I do not understand the money turning to me it would seem more appropriate to use a talisman that you carry on your person on a regular basis, a ring, a necklace etc....anything that is going to remain with you. Blessings

Try to keep an eye open for the first appearance of the new moon in the sky. The lovely silver crescent of the new moon always fills me with awe and brings optimism for the coming month. Bow reverently thre times, then turn your money over three times. Praise the beauty of the moon, and ask for her blessing in the month ahead.

Simple Spell for Making a Decision 2

When something must be decided and you've categorized your choices, here's a spell that will help you to decide. When someone says "I don't know what I want," this spell can come in handy to bring out the decision you subconsciously want.

-Glass bowl
-a handful of rocks found by a body of water (seashells work great too if you live by an ocean)
-a small stick
-1 cup of warm water
-pen and paper

Simply find a peaceful place, perhaps in your meditation zone, and fill the glass bowl with the rocks or seashells. Pour the warm water into the bowl and place the small stick straight up in the middle of the bowl. There should be enough rocks or seashells to hold the stick in place.

Clear you mind and concentrate only on the reason you have to make this decision. Keep your mind off of your options until you have a clear image of why you are making a decision. Place your palm on the top of the stick, close your eyes and say:

"To reach within me
to take a side
to use this knowledge
and to decide..."

Remove your palm from the stick and mentally list your options again. The first one you list is the decision you most wish to make.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Spells to Banish Pain

Once again not sure where this came from but I like how simple it is. I hope it is a blessing to you. So Mote it Be.

Write on a small piece of paper:

Flee! Pain can not find me I am free!
Calm is drawn to me I am free!
Wrap this with a dark blue ribbon and carry with you or wear it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simple Chants

Here are two little simple chants, that I came up with to keep me in a prosperity state of conciousness. Or to incorporate into a prosperity spell. Hope you enjoy them and that they be of service to you. So Mote it Be.

Love wealth, happiness and joy.

These four things I now enjoy.


I deserve wealth to give and recieve.

I deserve wealth in this I believe.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Simple Spell for Fast Cash

Use this spell when you need to find a quick source of income or cash. Start by charging a green or gold candle with your intent. Visual-ize your need and the money that is necessary to fill that need. Visualize the money being yours and the need being fulfilled, and say:

Money needed,
Plenty fast,
Money revealed
when this spell is cast.

Repeat these words, and feel the energy rise. When you cannot contain the energy any longer, release it to the universe; then ground the remaining energy back into the earth, and spend some time meditating. Open your mind to the universe and its guidance. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to any income opportunities that the universe will provide in upcoming days

Friday, February 17, 2012

Invocations to the God/dess

Goddess Invocation
Hail, Great Moon Mother who shines above
Grant me and mine strength, peace and love
Hear my words upon this hour
Sacred Mother, send to this circle your lunar power.
So Mote It Be.

God Invocation
Hail Great Sun Father, who rules the day
Guide me and mine on our life's way
Hear my words upon this hour
Sacred Father, Send to this circle your Solar Power
So Mote It Be.

Goddess Power Invocation
Powers of the Goddess
Powers of the sea
Powers of the moonlight
Lady come to me

Powers of the Maiden
Powers of the Crone
Powers of the Mother
Together yet alone

Powers of the Lady
Powers of the stars
Powers of the ocean
From waters near and far

Goddess, Mother, Maiden
Keeper of the earth
Keep us strong and healthy
And keep us in good mirth

God Power Invocation
Powers of the Horned One
Powers of the Woods
Powers of the Sunlight
Lord of Brotherhood

Powers of the Forest
Powers of the Glen
Powers of trusting ladies
And powers of lusty men

Powers of the Horned Lord
Powers of the Hunt
Powers of the mind
Powers of enlightenment

Powers of the Horned God
Powers of all Life
Keep us strong and healthy
Protect us from all strife

Beginning Circle Invocation
I am within the circle
-Between the realms
Of life and death
This surrounding circle
Is the Gateway
Between all worlds
All magick is wrought here
This is my sacred space.

Hear these words, Lord and Lady
And watch over me in my work.
So Mote It Be.

Circle Invocations to the Elements
This is a simple invocation, easy to remember. I use it all the time.

I call to Air, element of the east
Guard me and mine with love and peace
And guard this circle in the east.

I call to fire, element of the south
Guard me and mine with vigor and youth
And guard this circle in the south.

I call to water, element of the west
Guard me and mine in life and death
And guard this circle in the west

I call to earth , element of the north
Guard me and mine, now and forth
And guard this circle in the north.

Cakes and Ale Song
Chorus: (To be sung in the background while the verses are being recited)
Pass the Cakes, cakes, cakes;
Pass the Ale, ale, ale (repeat)

May the Goddess bless these cakes, cakes, cakes
With each in love do we take, take, take

May the Horned One bless these cakes, cakes, cakes
Each with knowledge do we take, take, take

May the Goddess bless this ale, ale, ale
With it's courage we will sail, sail, sail

May the Horned One bless this ale, ale, ale
That we may ne'er ever fail, fail, fail

The Watchtowers
I am the watchtower of the East
My body just mist and air
Wind and clouds are my weapons
And I ride the silent cloud-mare

I am the watchtower of the south
My body just light and fire
Life and rebirth are gifts I offer
But death and destruction my sire

I am the watchtower of the west
My body is water and rain
With my shield of watery might
I protect you from your pain

I am the watchtower of the North
My body is rock and earth
With my armor of silver and gold
I teach you of your worth

I am the Spirit Watchtower
My body of astral plane
Your spirit, your soul is my gift
And magick is my game

Dragon Element Call
I call the Dragon from the Earth
To cast its strength around me
With its power of death and birth
I find the strength within me

I call the Dragon from the Air
To cast its love around me
With its beauty, both wan and fair
I find the love within me

I call the Dragon from the Fire
To cast its spark around me
With its warmth and with desire
I find the spark within me

I call the Dragon from the Sea
To cast its health around me
With its power and with the fey
I find the health within me

Animal Elemental Call
Powers and magick of the East
Raven, flying on wings of Air
My circle calls you to descend
Alone or in a pair
By the power of Air
So mote it be!

Powers and magick of the South
Dragon, breathing streams of Fire
My circle calls you to descend
On music of drum and lyre
By the power of Fire
So mote it be!

Powers and magick of the West
Dolphins swimming in waves of Water
My circle calls you to descend
With light, love and laughter
By the power of Water
So mote it be!

Powers and magick of the North
Wolf, howling to mother Earth
My circle calls you to descend
From your northern mountains of Earth
By the power of Earth
So mote it be!

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle
Cast in Light
Sacred Circle
With Power bright

Sacred Circle
Borne of fire
Feel it warm you
Through the hours

Sacred Circle
Insenxe in the air
Smell of Dragon's breath
It clings to your hair

Sacred Circle
The Chalice well
Goddess Water
Used in spells

Sacred Circle
On Mother Earth
Let us celebrate
Our womb of birth

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chants to Hecate

Assorted chants to Hecate that I found here and there around the internet. Since this has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost three yrs. I am afraid I do not remember where they came from or who may have wrote them. I give thanks for whom ever did and the creative urge behind their creation. Blessings.


''I call the goddess Hecate,
To guide my magick on its way.''


In Honor of Most Lovely One, Goddess Hecate

Quiet is the night

Dark is the Moon

I ask Hecate, the Crone

To take Her throne.

Sleep, sister, sleep

Be not alarmed,

For the Great Goddess

Keeps you from harm.

Quiet is the night

Dark is the Moon

I ask Hecate, the Crone

To take Her throne.

Sleep, brother sleep,

Be not alarmed,

For the Great Goddess

Holds you in her arms.

Quiet is the night

Dark is the Moon.

We honor Hecate the Crone

Who has taken Her throne.


Chant to Cast off troubles

Hecate, Goddess of darkest night

Send my troubles all to flight

Burn them in thy sacred fires

And replace them with my heart’s desire!


Wisdom Chant

Hecate, Crone Goddess, Keep me whole

Let thy wisdom fill my soul.


Words of Power

May the circle never be broken

May the earth always be whole

May the rattle ever be shaken

May Hecate live in my soul.


Blessed be the Maiden, Mother, & Crone

Blessed be the Maiden within me

For She bringeth courage and freedom

Blessed be the Mother within me

for She bringeth love and life

Blessed be the Crone within me

For She bringeth wisdom and understanding


Hecate’s power,

Dark Moon Hour

Fire to Banish and

magick flow

Chant to Bless the Altar

Come Goddesses of fire and water

Goddesses of earth and air

Give your blessings to this altar

Give a listen to our prayers


In the name of Hecate

may my purpose be blessed.

In the name of Hecate, may my spell be strong.

In the name of Hecate, Queen of Heaven

Queen of Hell, Queen of Witches

may my purpose be accomplished

Chant for Crossing the Gates of Dawn and Dusk

(This is a short chant to say at dusk and dawn, calling the protection of Hecate, the ancient goddess of crossroads. Taking a moment to chant these words can help us to ground, and give us a way to recognize this daily cycle of rebirth and transformation in our lives. It also helps to enforces our connection with Hecate.)

At the gate of dawn I stand,

Hecate, on either hand,

Guard me with your magic power,

Guide me through the crossroads hour

From the beauty of the night

To the glory of the light.


At the gate of dusk I stand,

Hecate, on the other hand,

Guard me with your magic power.

Guide me through the crossroads hour

From the glory of the light

To the beauty of the night.


Goddess, let all good blessings come to thee,

Love and money fair to see.

Let all happiness and love

Be heaped upon thee from above.

Bring in, bring in, as the Moon doth swell,

Whatever Thou needest to keep thee well.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hecate Binding Spell

Not sure I agree with the intention behind this spell but in the interest of compiling Hecate info/spells/rituals I am posting it. Again I did not write this but I give thanks for whom ever did. I also think that with a few word changes it could be transformed into something more positive. Blessings.

Cast your cicle and say:

"In Hecate's name we bind ____ to the flame

May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain

We cast ____ to the wind, that all know ____ shame

May Hecate envelope ____ in the threefold law

May all forget ____'s shame, their harm, their call

May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls

We join our energies fellow friends in the Craft

May Hecate stop ___'s harm in the future, present and past

Only when their deeds are reversed will this binding be uncast

So Mote It Be!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Hymm to Hecate

Hekate, Mother Goddess

Goddess of Witches,

I Hail thy Dark Moon,

She Who is Ruler of night;

Guard me and Thine

Until the light.

Helios, God of the Sun,

Hermes God of Magick,

I Hail thy Fair Sun,

Ruler of day;

Rise on the morn

To light thy way.

Unto my Lady and my Lord,

Blessing and Praise I give thee.

I Hail thee, Goddess on the Moon...

I Hail the God of the Sun...

Hail thee Hekate, Mother, Maiden and Crone.

She who has many names yet unknown.

Hail thee God,

He who is Helios, Hermes,

Known by many names yet unseen.

Blessings and Praise,

Forever it shall be.

Blessed be.

By Lady Abigail


Monday, February 13, 2012

Attuning Your Divination Tools with Hecate

Hecate is said to be most active during this time of year, the fall. This goddess, usually associated with the dark Moon, can be called upon to lend her guidance in the understanding of and the use of divination tools. To call on her, light purple and black candles. Lay your divination tools in front of you. Speak these, or similar words:

Great Hecate,
Goddess of prophesy,
Let these tools speak clearly to me.
Let me precisely perceive their messages.
In your Honor,
So mote it be.

Thank Hecate for her presence and her guidance. Please note that Hecate is a powerful goddess. When she speaks to you, she expects you to
listen and follow her advice.

Spell for Prophetic Dreams

 Here is another spell from the my overflowing draft folder. I think this may have come from Llwellyn's spell a day cache of spells but I am not sure. I thank whoever wrote it and ask all of you to also give thanks for the creative force behind it. This seems like quite a simple but powerful spell to work. Blessings on it's 'working' for you. So Mote it Be.
 During sleep, the connection between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind is strongest. Dream memories, impressions, and feelings often yield the information that directs you to your goal. Write your latest dream on a small piece of paper. Place this paper in a pouch with an amethyst or some mugwort. Place the pouch on your pillow, and say:

As I dream tonight, this spell burns bright.
Paths of manifestation are revealed in morning light.

Before rising from bed, record any impressions on paper. Be alert for any directions that you may receive over the coming days.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Simple Ritual to Gain Help Making a Decision

Another spell found in my draft folder. I really like this one because first you have to think out and articulate your options on paper and then you are physically involved with the process of deciding in the chanting, spinning and throwing of the compass. May the God/dess be with you as your decisions unfold. So Mote it Be.

When faced with a difficult decision, write your options out on paper and go to an open space. Use a hiking compass to place these choices or paths directionally around you; in other words, align each option with a direction: north, south, east, and west. Keep in mind elemental alignments and their common occult associations. If there are more than four options, place them between the cardinal directions. Once everything is laid before you, spin around in a circle with increasing speed and chant the following:

Circle round, quarterly bound
I travel now lost; obscure is this ground
Circle round, quarterly bound
Awaken my magic, stir all around
Circle round, quarterly bound
Let me be found
Let me be found
Let me be found

Repeat once for each option you have before you. On the last line of the final round, fall to the ground and toss the compass into the air. Where it lands will provide you with answers. If you have fewer than four options and the compass lands in an unassociated direction, keep in mind that you might not have all the information necessary to determine a path yet unknown forces may still be at work. The only thing to do then is exercise patience, focus on the present moment, and allow further options to naturally materialize.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ritual for Releasing Negativity

Again not my spell, but one I plan to do on the next full moon. Blessings on releasing the negative from your life. So Mote it Be.

This is a very powerful banishing spell to pull worry, fear, bad vibes, unpaid bills, (and just about anything that contributes to negativity) out of your home and out of your life. It can be done anytime during the full or waning moon.

Supplies needed:
A cheap plastic planter (or container) about the size of a tub of Margarine
Potting soil
A brown egg
A brown marker or crayon
Candle (brown, red, or white)
Tablespoon of brown sugar
Three cloves of garlic


If you are using a margarine or other plastic container, punch a couple of holes in the bottom of it for drainage.
Fill it about 1/3 full of potting soil.
With the brown marker or crayon, write on the egg the things that you want to banish from your life and your home. For example: unpaid bills, financial instability, worry, bad luck, etc.
You can write as many things as will fit.
Light the candle and the incense
Pass the egg through the smoke (from the incense).
As you do this, say:
Nothing can stand
Nothing can stay
By fire and air
All worries away

Now pass the egg across, through, over, or around the candle flame. Be careful not to burn your fingers.
As you do this, say:
Nothing can stand
Nothing can stay
By fire and air
All worries away

Now walk around your house carrying the egg. As you go into each room imagine that all the negative energy, all the worry, all the fear, all the things you have written on that egg are being pulled out of the environment and are being sucked into the egg in your hand.
Take your time, don't rush the process.
Imagine also that any thing within your own self that might be contributing to the things you want banished are also being sucked into the egg.
When you have walked through each room, and when you have cleared your own energy, press the egg GENTLY into the planter (or container) with the soil in it.
Sprinkle it with brown sugar to sweeten the energy.
Cover it completely with the potting soil, filling the container all the way up.
As you do this, say:
Nothing can stand
Nothing can stay
By water and earth
All worries away

Pour water into the planter slowly, being careful not to flood it and at the same time making sure that the soil is thoroughly moistened.
As you do this, say:
Nothing can stand
Nothing can stay
By water and earth
All worries away

If necessary, add more soil so that your egg is well covered
Now press the three cloves of garlic into the wet soil and wait for them to sprout.
This may take several days.
The garlic will absorb and disperse any negativity.
When the garlic has sprouted, take the container to a grave yard. Set it down wherever seems appropriate, and walk away without looking back.

This spell was crafted by:
Madam Fortun

Friday, February 10, 2012

More Moon Meanings and Magic Correspondences

Full Moons and their Meanings

In many religions in early times, the moon became a symbol, and even the home of the many gods and goddesses that dwelt in the otherworlds.

Today, based on many centuries of practice and understanding of the divine, the pagan religion maintain a strong side with the moon and all her phases. Each phase of the moon has its own individual designation of the triple goddess.

The waxing moon. The growth into a full moon is termed as the maiden.

The full moon is designated as the mother because of its fullness, power and it is representative of fertility.

The waxing moon is known as the crone or wise woman, she is represented as the aged mature being, rich with knowledge and experience.

The mother.... the maiden.... the crone

Not all pagan beliefs see the moon in the same light. There are some who look upon the Moon is a bad omen, or say that no magic will be performed on the dark or waning moon. They are of the opinion that the new Moon is a sign of changes, and even of bad luck.

But as the moon has her light and dark side so do we all! To tap into both sides and to achieve a balance, one must embrace all aspects of the goddess or moon phases.

Many Goddesses were associated with the moon in ancient beliefs, and for some still are!

Diana, Isis and others were most known for the fall or waxing phase of the moon.

Cerridwen, Hecate and the Hag were known as symbols of the dark Moon or waning phase of the moon.

In some beliefs and traditions the waxing to the full moon was ideal for magical activities, the waning phase was ideal for banishing meditation and divination. The new Moon was not to be used for anything.. a time of rest and reflection.

The Moon is a powerful symbol in the sacred tarot also. The moon stands for deceit, occult forces or psychic ability, and can also indicate secrets or hidden facts which are coming forward or overcoming one's own problems by using one's own innate psychic abilities.

In astrology, the moon also has a strong impact on the other signs in which one was born.

In some societies the stages of the moon are taken into account during planting and harvesting of crops, In our own western society this was so up to perhaps 60 years ago! Perhaps something that we should consider exploring again.


Although we usually know generally speaking what phase the moon is in at any particular time, what we don't always realise is how much we are influenced by the powers of lunar energies and how they affect our lives.

In the pagan calendar (which is both Wiccan and Celtic) not only are the eights Sabbats and holy days of worship acknowledged but also with the Wheel of the Seasons and 13 full moon phases, one every 28 1/4 days.

Moon Cycle Stages

Moon stage Uses Explanation
waxing moon fertility magic, health magic, planting herbs, new beginnings. the waxing moon goes from black (new) to full. As the moon grows, she will have a magnetic pull on all things, and will strengthen their energies.
waning moon undoing magic, ongoing magic, banishing, backing away, separations and eliminations, reconstructions. Best time to gather herbs and flowers the waning moon is from full to black (new) this is the time for ending relationships with unwanted partners or situations. This is the time for the inward journey of self and preparing for rebirth
Full moon high tide of psychic powers and abilities, perception and divinations. Helpful time in all types of magic and where power is needed most. this is a powerful time where energy is in abundance. Magical rites are amplified as energy is in its zenith. Formal magic works best in a seven-day cycle Around the full moon, three days before the night of the full moon, and three days afterwards.
Black (new) moon no magic should be performed on a new moon. This is the time of rest. this is a powerful and still time, we respect the moon's cycle and the power she instilled by resting on the black moon

Each full moon has a traditional title in both the Wiccan and the Celtic calendar.

Month Celtic moon Wiccan moon phase
January quiet moon Wolf moon dark half Moon
February moon of ice storm moon dark half Moon
March moon of winds chaste moon dark half Moon
April growing moon seed moon light half Moon
May bright moon hare moon light half Moon
June moon of horses dyad moon light half Moon
July moon of claiming mead moon light half Moon
August moon of dispute wyrt moon light half Moon
September singing Moon barley moon light half Moon
October harvest Moon blue moon dark half Moon
November dark moon snow moon dark half Moon
December cold moon oak moon dark half Moon

Went two full moons occur in the same month, the second moon is called a ' blue Moon'