Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Garden Magick 2

The following diagrams are for a basic Witches Garden which will provide you with a wide variety of herbs for many magical purposes. These plants are all hardy to zone 7, and all except the bay, rosemary, lemon verbena and lavender are hardy to zone 4. If you plant the four tender plants in pots which you can bring in for the winter you should have no problems. Some of the plants are annuals, but the majority are perennials. No measurements are given to allow you to fit the plan to the site you have available. Each of the small squares can be as small as one foot by two feet, or as large as you like. The bigger the squares, the more plants you can put in each one. If you orient each section according to the North arrow and follow the layout diagram, the tallest plants will be on the outside, forming a small, private nook in the center. Sun gardening and moon gardening are used in conjunction to give your garden a head start. You can also use morning astrological hours and sun hours to assist in this. (Based on Lady Galadriel's garden)

Planting by the Zodiac
the Ram Aries/Fire/Masculine/Day/Cardinal-The Moon in Aries is a dry & barren time; plant onions, hot peppers & garlic, cultivate what is all ready there, and kill weeds & insects.
the Bull Taurus/Earth/Feminine/Night/Fixed-The Moon in Taurus is a moist and productive time; a good time for planting--especially root crops such as turnips, potatoes, carrots and for cultivating bulbs.
the Twins Gemini/Air/Masculine/Day/Mutable-The Moon in Gemini is a dry and barren time--a good time to stir up and aerate the soil, subdue weeds, pinch buds to stop unwanted growth; also good for keeping a garden diary to write down new ideas.
the Crab Cancer/Water/Feminine/Night/Cardinal-The Moon in Cancer is THE most moist & fertile time in the Zodiac. Seeds germimate quickly! Time to plant above ground, irrigate, do grafting, and to transplant new seedlings.
the Lion Leo/Fire/Masculine/Day/Fixed-The Moon in Leo is the driest, most barren of times. *No* planting should be done, or trimming of vines or trees; you can kill weeds & insects, and burn out old growth in the fields.
the Virgin Virgo/Earth/Feminine/Night/Mutable-The Moon in Virgo is a moist, but barren time; cut weeds, tie up pole-plants, clean the dirt & rust off your garden tools, tuck new straw around the plants--generally tidy up the garden.
the Scales Libra/Air/Masculine/Day/Cardinal-The Moon in Libra is a moist and fairly productive time, good for vigorous pulp growth, and hearty grain yields. This is the best time to plant any ornamental flowers or sow flower seeds.
the Scorpion Scorpio/Water/Feminine/Night/Fixed-The Moon is Scorpio is a very moist and productive time. This is the best time for fertilizing your crops; good for planting too--especially vines; also a good time to irrigate.
the Archer Sagittarius/Fire/Masculine/Day/Mutable-The Moon in Sagittarius is a dry and barren time--*do not* plant now or try to trim plants ; harvest now only during the *dark* of the Moon (also during Aquarius and Aries).
the Goat Capricorn/Earth/Feminine/Night/Cardinal-The Moon in Capricornus is a fairly productive time; it is especially good for planting root crops such as carrots and potatoes. This is also the time to wean your pets.
the Water-Bearer Aquarius/Air/Masculine/Day/Fixed-The Moon in Aquarius is a dry & barren time, not good for planting, but good for stirring the soil & killing weeds. Harvesting during the last quarter of the New Moon is best.
the Fishes Pisces/Water/Feminine/Night/Mutable-The Moon in Pisces is a moist and very productive time; excellent for the growth of fruits and berries, and to fertilize the garden. Good for short, quick growth and deep roots, and for planting bulbs