Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elemental Invocation


By forest tree and mountain dark,
By bone and flesh and star of north,
By our bodies, by our life,
Spirits Green I call ye forth!
From the outer darkness, I conjure earth.

By the rain and by the flood,
By the tide and by the moon,
By our laughter and our tears,
I summon forth the Spirits Blue,
From the watery abyss, I conjure water.

All four stars in this place be,
Combined to call the Fifth to me,
By the four made one I call ye forth,
By spirits' song I call ye in.


By rushing wind and gentle breeze,
By rising sun where things begin,
By our thoughts and by our minds,
Spirits Yellow now come in!
From the whirlwind, I conjure air.


By warmth of fire and dancing flame,
By white-hot star and Cauldron bright,
By passion, will, and quickened blood,
The Spirits Red, I call this night!
From the eternal flames, I conjure fire.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simple Spell to Aquire a Job

At the new moon write down the attributes of the job/career that you are looking for. Things like hrs/schedule, pay, benefits, location, all the things you are looking for in this job. Place this description/list under a green candle. On the candle inscribe this "To do for me this deed, bring to me this Job I need". Also mark the candle out in three equal segments. Light the candle and while it is burning focus your intentions on what you have written on the paper. Do this for three nights. When candle is done know the universe has heard your request and is fulfilling it for you. So Mote It Be.

Simple Spell to Release Hidden Fears

Components:1 tablespoon of lemon juice (or another citrus juice)

1 tablespoon of sea salt

1 teaspoon of olive oil 1 light weight cauldron (a fire proof bowl works too)

1 piece of parchment/paper

1 black felt pen

1 black candle

1 red candle

Mix the lemon or citrus juice, sea salt, and oil inside a bowl or your cauldron.

Place the bowl or cauldron before you on the floor.

Sit comfortably and place the candles beside the bowl or cauldron (red on left, black on right.)

Now, tear the piece of parchment/paper in half and then place it aside...
Light both candles, (Red one first.) Close your eyes and visualize a sort of bubble or sphere. In the center of the sphere, envision yourself trapped inside and trying to get out. Concentrate on the red and black candles burning beside yourself following them with your eyes until you envision the separate candle flames as spinning around you, getting faster each time they pass.

Now see yourself as magically being released from your "sphere of fear."
As your terror lifts you feel as light as air.

On one half of the parchment /paper, draw a picture of what you saw as you were freed. On the other, write down your biggest inward fear that you cannot tell anyone. Ignite both pieces of parchment/paper , using the black candle flame for the written half and the red candle flame for the drawing.

Most of your fears have been released into the universe..

Now throw pieces of paper into your bowl or cauldron. Your bitter fears and any flames left are now quenched by the magically charged contents inside. Take the bowl or cauldron outside and pour it(paper and all) into a hole in the ground. Fill in the hole with earth. The last of your fears have now been buried forever. Feel how free from your fears you now feel and thank the Earth Mother for accepting and transforming them on your behalf.

You feel the sweetness of being free from all fear. The spell is done.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dream Pillow

Do you ever want to get an important message through to someone, but you just don't know how to do it?

Here is what you do:

1. Determine precisely what it is you want them to hear, or perhaps feel. Write down your wish on a piece of paper in simple sentence form.

2. Make a dream pillow using a small square of fabric and a little batting. Throw in a pinch of lavender and rosemary. Put in the piece of paper last, then sew up the end.

3. Put the dream pillow on your altar. Do an altar devotion to center yourself, then create sacred space. Cast a circle and call the quarters if you like, but is isn't necessary.

4. Center yourself, then hold your hands over the dream pillow and say the following:

Holy Mother, Goddess Divine,
I stand before your sacred shrine.
This person won't listen or hear
My words tickle at deafened ear.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine,
Send a dream, awaken the mind.
Through his/her vision he/she might live
The nightmare/passion/lesson he/she so freely give.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine
Send them your enchanted design
Clear out the cobwebs, tear down walls
Carry my message through spirit calls.

Feel free to change the incantation to suit your purpose.

By Silver RavenWolf

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Few More Magickal Scent Correspondences

Anointing -- Acacia, angelica, carnation, cinquefoil, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, lily of the valley, lotus, myrrh, rose, rosemary, vervain.
Banishing, Releasing -- Cedar, clove, cypress, patchouli, rose, rue, violet, betony, elder, fern, mugwort, St. Johnswort, vervain, yarrow.
Blessing, Consecration -- Carnation, cypress, frankincense, lotus, elder, rue.
Clairvoyance, Divination -- Cinnamon, lilac, acacia, laurel, eyebright, honeysuckle, marigold, mugwort, nutmeg, rose, thyme, wormwood, yarrow, dittany of Crete, hazel, moonwort, rowan.
Courage -- Allspice, must, rosemary, dragons' blood, mullein.
Good Luck -- Cedar, lotus, mint, vervain, violet, nutmeg, bayberry, cinnamon,
cinquefoil, honeysuckle, chamomile, jasmine, yellow dock.
Inspiration, Wisdom -- Cinquefold, acacia clove, cypress, fir, hazel, laurel, lily of the valley, oak, moss, reed, rosemary, rowan, rue.
Love -- Apple blossom, birch, cinquefoil, gardenia, honeysuckle,
jasmine, musk, rose, vervain, acacia, catnip, elder, fern, heather, juniper, lavender, marigold, marjoram, mistletoe, moonwort, patchouli, savory, vanilla, valerian, wormwood, yarrow.
Purification, Cleansing -- Frankincense, lavender, bay, laurel, myrrh, rosemary, vervain, betony, dragons' blood, hyssop, oak, peppermint, salt, thyme, woodruff.
Willpower -- Rosemary, St. Johnswort. ... ncense.htmBlackenedRose

'And all must love the human form,
In heathen, Turk or Jew.
Where Mercy, Love and Pity dwell,
There God is dwelling too.'
William Blake

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

hymn to the sun

Hail Shamash

You climb to the mountains surveying the earth,

You suspend from the heavens the circle of the lands.

You care for all the peoples of the lands,

And everything that Ea, king of the counsellors, had created is entrusted to you.

Whatever has breath you shepherd without exception,

You are their keeper in upper and lower regions.

Regularly and without cease you traverse the heavens,

Every day you pass over the broad earth. . . .

Shepherd of that beneath, keeper of that above,

You, Shamash, direct, you are the light of everything.

You never fail to cross the wide expanse of sea,

The depth of which the Igigi know not.

Shamash, your glare reaches down to the abyss

So that monsters of the deep behold your light. . . .

Among all the Igigi there is none who toils but you,

None who is supreme like you in the whole pantheon of gods.

At your rising the gods of the land assemble,

Your fierce glare covers the land.

Of all the lands of varied speech,

You know their plans, you scan their way.

The whole of mankind bows to you,

Shamash, the universe longs for your light. . . .

Every single person is entrusted to your hands;

You manage their omens; that which is perplexing you make plain.

You observe, Shamash, prayer, supplication, and benediction,

Obeisance, kneeling, ritual murmurs, and prostration.

The feeble man calls you from the hollow of his mouth,

The humble, the weak, the afflicted, the poor,

She whose son is captive constantly and unceasingly confronts you.

He whose family is remote, whose city is distant,

The shepherd [amid) the terror of the steppe confronts you,

The herdsman in warfare, the keeper of sheep among enemies.

Shamash, there confronts you the caravan, those journeying in fear,

The travelling merchant, the agent who is carrying capital.

Shamash, there confronts you the fisherman with his net,

The hunter, the bowman who drives the game,

With his bird net the fowler confronts You.

The prowling thief, the enemy of Shamash,

The marauder along the tracks of the steppe confronts you.

The roving dead, the vagrant soul,

They confront you, Shamash, and you hear all.

You do not obstruct those that confront you. . . .

For my sake, Shamash, do not curse them!

You grant revelations, Shamash, to the families of men,

Your harsh face and fierce light you give to them. . . .

The heavens are not enough as the vessel into which you gaze,

The sum of the lands is inadequate as a seer's bowl.......

You deliver people surrounded by mighty waves,

In return you receive their pure, clear libations. . . .

They in their reverence laud the mention of you,

And worship your majesty for ever. . . .

Which are the mountains not clothed with your beams?

Which are the regions not warmed by the brightness of your light?

Brightener of gloom, illuminator of darkness,

Dispeller of darkness, illuminator of the broad earth.

Shamash (Akkadian Šamaš "Sun") was a native Mesopotamian deity and the sun god in the Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian pantheons. Shamash was the god of justice in Babylonia and Assyria, corresponding to Sumerian Utu.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Self Esteem 5

You will need:
Sugar, Black rope or white, salt, black, red/pink candle, and a piece of paper stating “low self-esteem”, fire proof container

Also, try to do this spell at midnight between Friday and Saturday.
Because? Friday is the day of love and Saturday is the day of banishing/binding.
Salt is good for banishing.
You could invoke the goddess of love and the god of binding/banishing.

Light the candles. Focus all your low self-esteem into the paper, let it free you. Let the paper suck it out of you. Bind it.


“I Bind my low self-Esteem,
I banish it and replace with excessive love.
It’s a new start,
There’s change in my heart.
Im now proud to say my name is______”

Put it in some container where you can burn it, throw salt at it and set on fire.


“I Bind my low self-Esteem,
I banish it and replace with excessive love.
It’s a new start,
There’s change in my heart.
Im now proud to say my name is______”

Feel the fire destroy it. Throw sugar over the ashes.


“I Bind my low self-Esteem,
I banish it and replace with excessive love.
It’s a new start,
There’s change in my heart.
Im now proud to say my name is______”

Bury or Let the wind take the ashes.
Feel free to change the wording, as long as your intention is pure, the words don’t matter

By: MagickalDude2

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Self Esteem 4

This is a spell that was published in Lilith McLelland's book The Salem Witches' Book of Love Spells.

Its purpose is to instill the confidence of a Dragon within the heart and mind of the Caster. It should be performed for the first time near or during the time of the full moon, and later whenever you feel the need for a little extra "boost."

Needed Items: 1) Iron Shavings (or a small iron/steel nail) for strength 2) One each of the following: Citrine (self-determination), Rose Quartz (self-esteem) and Amethyst (courage)... choose small stones 3) A small amount of each of the following: Cinnamon-stick or powder- (personal power), Bay leaf (success) and Catnip (happiness) 4) A 4"x4" black cloth square (black repels negativity) 5) Three feet each of Red, Purple and Orange thread 6) A Gold paint pen or ink pen (recommended for quick drying), or Gold paint and a brush 7) Dragon's Blood oil or Cinnamon essential oil - genuine or "synthetic" (if you use genuine cinnamon oil be careful as it burns if gotten onto sensitive body parts, so be sure to wash your hands afterwards) 8) One Red, Purple and Orange candle 9) Something to carve the candles with 10) Normal altar equipment Perform Clan Circle Casting and Quarter Calls Invite your Dragon friends

The Casting:

Step1: Inscribe the candles with the following words: Red--Strength, Purple--Self-assurance, Orange--Success Anoint each candle with the oil and chant 3 times for each candle:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic; Lend me your aid Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Place the candles in their holders and light.

Step 2: Using the gold paint, draw the following Runes on the black cloth square: Sigel: for strength and self-confidence Lagaz: for increased vitality and life-force Isa: for development of self-will Remember to concentrate fully on the qualities of each Rune. Say those qualities out loud if you want. Set the cloth aside, painted side up, so it can dry.

Step 3: Charge the iron, herbs and crystals according to the indicated qualities by concentrating on each item in turn while chanting:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic; Lend me your aid, Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!

Continue chanting until each item "feels" as if it can hold no more energy, then turn the (hopefully dry) cloth square painted side down and place each charged item into the center of the square. Gather the four corners of the cloth together and tie into a bag using the red orange and purple thread.

Step 4: Pass the bag carefully *over* each candle in turn and say:

(Red) Strength (Orange) Success (Purple) Self-assurance

At each utterance visualize Dragon Fire of the corresponding color streaming from those Dragons who have answered your request for assistance and enveloping both the bag and you. "Feel" yourself filling with the strength and confidence of a Dragon.

Repeat the Empowerment Chant until you feel and internal signal to stop, or you "see" the stream of Dragon Fire slowly ease up until it has stopped. Commune with your Dragon friends for a while if you want, then end the ritual. Allow the candles to burn themselves out or down to the socket and hang your talisman bag where it will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

Remember to thank all the Dragons for their assistance and bid them safe journey as they return from whence they came. I then recommend "pushing" the Circle energy out to meld with the energies of your house protections... Why waste any remaining confidence-filled energy?

By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake, 1998

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Self Esteem 3

The following tools will be needed for this self-esteem spell:

•1 small piece of rose quartz;
•1 small mirror; and
•1 natural fiber pouch (Cotton, velvet, silk are a few good choices).
Rose quartz is known for its ability to draw love to a person. It is one of the most powerful pink stones you can use in matters of the heart and love. It isn’t just effective in drawing love to you, but in helping you to love yourself.

Make sure that your stone is clear and free of any unwanted energies. To do this, bury the stone in a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours. Another way is to let the stone sit in the rays of the full moon for one night. Place it in the window sill where it will be safe and will not get knocked off. Smudging is a quick and effective way to cleanse your stones. Light a smudge stick — white sage or cedar are good choices — and hold the stone in the smoke for a few minutes. It will clear the energies and make your stone ready to receive the energies you are about to place on it.

Buy a new small mirror; it doesn’t have to be expensive, as a small dollar store pocket mirror will work just fine. Cleanse the mirror by running it under cool water for a few minutes. That will wash away any negative feelings or unwanted feelings that are in the mirror. While the water washes over the mirror visualize all the unwanted energy being washed down the drain.

The pouch is for keeping your mirror safe and away from others who may accidentally transfer unwanted energies into it. The pouch will also be used to enure that the only reflection the mirror works with is yours. If you want to you can add a sprig of white sage or cedar to the pouch to help fend off unwanted energies.

To Perform Mirror Magick to Build Self-Esteem Spell
The first morning get your tools together. Find a quite, comfortable place to sit. Hold the rose quartz in one hand and the mirror in the other. Gaze into the mirror and say: "Oh gracious Goddess / Who gave me life / Help me to see / My beautiful side."

Keep gazing into the mirror and begin to contemplate all of your good qualities and abilities. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, how caring and kind, thoughtful, and lovely, and whatever else is good and positive. Many will begin to “feel” a sensation working inside; the experience tends to be a bit different for everyone, but it could feel warm or tingly. Once you feel that sensation, sit for a few minutes and really absorb it. It's believed that the sensation is a sign that is the spell starting to cloak you.

After, thank the Goddess for aiding you. Carefully place the mirror in its pouch and store it someplace where it will be safe. Keep the rose quartz on you, stored in a pocket or purse.

Do this spell each morning. It won’t be long before you begin to feel all the good things you tell yourself every morning. Do your best to not allow negative thoughts into your mind during the day. If you find yourself doing that stop and take a deep breath. Think back to the morning ritual and reaffirm all the positive things you told yourself until the negative thoughts are pushed out.

You may feel a little silly the first few times you perform this spell. That is normal, just keep with it and don’t try to be modest. Keep in mind that mirror magick is very powerful magick. It is reflective magick and a pathway to your soul. Whatever you tell your reflection is reflected back on to you and your soul allowing you to heal. Never tell the mirror negative things as it will come back on you quickly and powerfully.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Self Esteem 2

This ritual is best done on a Monday make sure there are no void of courses that day. Turn off every thing in the house phones TV. Lock your door and put do no disturb sign out on the door.

Items Needed: Silver White ,Pink Candles. Soft Music, Favorite Smells you Like That Make You Feel Peaceful. Cauldron, Lavender Flowers or Lavender oil. Mirror. Favorite Favorite Treat you like it can be what ever you want cookies, slice of cherry cheese cake, Take candles and charge them in the full moon and ask mother goddess to bless them with her love .cheese, wine, crackers.. Bed sheet white if you have it if not then something light colored. Red altar cloth red construction paper scissors. Pen

Altar Set up: Have your red altar cloth on the altar along with the silver, white, pink candles your mirror, cut out hearts big enough to write on and your cauldron and your favorite food and drink. and your Incense. Have your soft music ready to play.

Ritual Bath: Go draw you a hot bath with salt and lavender flowers and a bit of the oil if you can buy it. Once in the tub just sit and relax and let go of every thing you been doing. No thinking about any thing. At this time you have the option of doing some sex magick while your in the tub to ground your self out to help you release all the negative energies you have been collecting. Make sure to wet your self from head to toe and clean the chakra on your head. Once finished dry off.

Bed Sheet: Take the ends of the bed sheet in your left and right hand tie them together like you would a shoe string now bring the pieces around your neck and behind your head and tie it off with a knot.. this is my idea of a Greek goddess dress. If you like style your hair a special way too.

Altar: Play your music, Cast your circle and salt your area down to make a sacred space for your self. Light your candles on your altar, Sit and relax for just a bit breathing in air looking at the candles feeling the Goddess's love surround you. Look in the mirror and see the goddess in you let her tell you every thing she likes about you. Listen to the voice, write this down on these hearts.

if you get a negative response such as you're ugly or fat write it down and put a line through it and burn it in the silver candle. Say to the mirror "I am not fat I am a Goddess and I am beautiful." Do this for as long as you need to. Chances are you might cry but this is ok just let go and go with it.

When done look in the mirror and tell your self that you love her and she will tell you back.. take just a bit of a breather. As an invocation say with feeling: "I AM GODDESS I AM CONNECTED TO ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL I AM GODDESS I AM STRENGTH AND LOVE GIVER AND HEALER OF LIFE I HONOR THE DIVINE IN ME BLESSED BE." Eat, drink and relax. When done close your circle and go for a nature walk and enjoy the air...This is my own personal spell and I have had great results. Enjoy Blessed Be

by Nikki Preston

Monday, March 21, 2011

Self Esteem

You will need:

A bath

Lavender essential oil

Jasmine essential oil

An essential oil burner

Seven green oak leaves (Basil can be used if oak is out of season)

One purple candle

One yellow candle

Purple thread

An envelope

First, start a warm bath running and drizzle some of the lavender oil into the water.

Next light both candles and sit them near the bath.

Float the leaves in the bath and climb in.

Breathe in through your nose and hold it for a count of seven. Breathe out through your mouth for a seven count. Repeat this process six more times.

As you breathe in, visualize your lungs filling up with warm, golden light. As you breathe out, see your frustrations in your breath and watch your anger, pain, and all of the other barriers that stand in your way float away with each exhalation.

Now, totally relaxed and at ease with yourself, visualize a spot of golden light above you. Watch it get bigger and bigger before it floats down and your body is enveloped in its warm glow.

At this point, repeat the following:

"I have a contribution to make.

I have words to say.

Let others hear the words I speak.

And take self-doubt away.

And let it be done, that it harm no one."

Repeat these words six more times before leaving the bath and snuffing the candles.

Thread the oak leaves onto the string and then hold them up to the light and repeat the previous verse one last time.

Fold the leaves into the envelope and place the envelope into your handbag or wallet.
End the ritual by burning the jasmine oil in the burner and letting the scent of it waft over you, removing any last traces of self-doubt.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Madness of Angels

So I read this book by Kate Griffen called 'A Madness of Angels'. It was a very good read and I would recommend it highly but I am writing this to talk about a few things from the book that I found very interesting. One: when the main character, Matthew Swift, leaves an offering for whoevers help he is trying to invoke he leaves things the 'spirit(s)' need. For example when he asks for the help of spirits on a subway he leaves a crossword puzzle book, a romance novel, a pen and gum. So it got me to thinking about how there are traditional gifts for the god/goddesses and how sometimes they don't feel right to me they feel like a gift card at christmas, you cared enough to get something but not enough to put some
thought into it. I can not say I came up with a list of offerings to use but it made me more aware of what I leave.
Two: Another thing that the sorcerer does when creating a circle is to call upon the energy/spirit of the place he is creating the circle at. This leads to number Three: he uses the energy of everything around him brick walls, lights, garbage, rats. This is not a new idea but I don't think I had really, really given it the time it deserved that everything has energy so everything has energy that you can call upon and use in your magickal workings.
So this post may not change your life, but I hope it gets you thinking like it did me. And if nothing else it was quite a good book. I am reading the second one now, 'The Midnight Mayor' will let you know how it was. Blessings

Songs, Poems and Chants for Ostara

(Sung to the tune of “Pop! Goes the Weasel”)
All around the forest ground
There’s flowers everywhere.
There’s pink, yellow, and purple too.
Here’s one for you!

Spring Chant
By Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Joy In The Gold Buds Of Spring. Passion In The Greening Leaf
Joy In The Rising Day. Passion Neath The Glowing Moon
Come Swelling Tides Of Spring. Fill Me With The Promise Of Green

Spring Fertility Chant
by: Jennifer Reif

Mother and father of all growing things
Unto my being your golden love bring
Bless this seed to fulfill its design
Of leaf and fruit, of blossom and vine

Come, Follow Me
by John Hilton

Part I:
Come, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow me.

Part II:
Whither shall I follow, follow, follow,
Whither shall I follow, follow thee.

Part III:
To the greenwood, to the greenwood,
To the greenwood, greenwood tree.

Spring Equinox
By Ivy

We celebrate the Spring Equinox
We gather our coven with care
We’ll cast the sacred circle with rocks-
though the earth is no longer bare.
We dance on green grass-
We praise the sky blue…
We thank the God/dess for what each has,
and dance in the morning dew.

We see the Mother’s soft tints
laid lightly on the earth,
though these are but little hints
of the wonders of rebirth.

We finish our Spring-time rites
and close the circle down,
knowing we have reached new heights
our love and joy abound.

I’ll honor the God/dess in my heart,
and always remember when-
merry we’d meet, merry we’d part,
and merry we’d meet again!

Saying Farewell to Wintry spirits
by Anna Moura

Farewell to wintry spirits and friends;
On morrow we greet the spirits of spring.
Our blessings to thee as your way you wend;
And merry we’ll meet next winter again.
Blow out candle and say: Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

found at: Witchery

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I apologize for the last minuteness of this post for Ostara. I have been so pre-occupied with a trip I am leaving for on the 20th that it completely lost sight that Ostara was going to happen like NOW. So here is a list of activities I found at 'Witchery'. Have a blessed and fruitful Ostara.

•You can consider Ostara as a time of balance between light and dark. Night and day equally divide the 24 hours now; the dark half of the year gives way to the light. You can perform rituals to ask for balance in your life, and to honor both dark and light.
•Go out and collect wild flowers if they are out in you area.
•Take a walk and look for signs of emerging life in the forests and fields or in a local park.
•Plant early seeds such as peas, lettuce, cabbage family. Start others indoors
•Plan your magickal garden to plant after Beltane
•Pick up litter at your favorite park or beach. Help the earth rejuvenate by getting rid of the mess. Even an hour of cleanup can make a big difference.
•Do a spring cleaning rites/ritual and cleanse your home of negativity and any energies that might prevent you from taking advantage of prosperity in your life.
•Perform oomancy (divination by eggs). To perform the most common form of egg-divination, separate egg whites and yolks. You then drop the white into hot water and divine from the shapes it assumes.
•Celebrate Nawruz, the Persian New Year, which falls on the spring equinox by fixing a special dinner of seven food dishes that begin with ‘S.’ Either look up the names of the Arabic foods that you will want to use or use English words and eat salad, salami, soup, squash, etc. Decorate the table with a mirror, a bowl of water with one freshly-picked green leaf floating in it, a candelabra containing a candle for every child in the house, a copy of the Koran (or other sacred text), rose water, sweets, fruit, a fish, yogurt and colored eggs.
•Draw sprouting leaves on an egg and bury it in your garden to help stimulate your plants.
•Perform magick by planting a seed to grow with your spell. You can use the energy of this time of year to fuel any new project or goal. Think of how you wish to change and grow while planting the seed and watch it flourish as you do.
•Make hot cross buns
•Light pairs of white and black candles, symbolizing dark and light, in different areas of your home. Each time you pass a pair of candles, you can honor the balance of light and dark we find this time of year, and the balance of light and dark within yourself.
•Dye eggs with natural dyes and try decorating them with magickal or other symbols. Ideas for thos you can use include runes, astrological symbols, elemental symbols, the Theban alphabet, zodiac/planetarysymbols, Ogham writing, Native American pictographs, lunar & solar symbols,stars, pentacles, Egyptian hieroglyphs, God/Goddess symbols, the triscale and more!
•Create an effigy of the dark half of the year and imbue it with the things of winter you’d like to leave behind. You can then either burn it in a bonfire or drop it in the nearest watercourse
•In ancient Italy in the spring, women planted Gardens of Adonis. They filled urns with grain seeds, kept the in the dark and watered them every two days until they sprouted. You can do this yourself with grass seed in baskets.You can then put your decorated eggs on the altar, etc. in your grass filled baskets. Talk about how this custom persists today in Sicily, where women plant seeds of grains–lentils, fennel, lettuce or flowers–in baskets and pots. When they sprout, the stalks are tied with red ribbons and the “gardens” are placed along roads on the Christian Good Friday. They are meant symbolize the triumph of life over death.
•Have each member of your family/coven select a seed or bulb that they wish to plant. Bless them and visualize your plants in full bloom. Then you may wish to invoke each of the four elements necessary for the plants’ growth. You may either plant your items outside, or if it is too cold place them in a pot of soil and pat down the earth (element earth), poured water on it (element water), breath on it (element air) and then hold the pot over a candle (or up to the sun, if you are outside) (for fire).
•Give a potted plant to friends or family for their garden or window sill
•Take time to notice what birds have returned from their winter homes. Place feeders and/or a bird bath out for them.
•Make a growth charm out of a hard-boiled egg — decorate it with symbols, write on it the quality you would like to manifest more fully within yourself, energize it, and then eat it.
•Create ritual garment. Try our easy robe pattern. Embellish it with trims, embroidery, bells, stones, sequins or anything else that strikes your fancy. Save it to wear until Ostara as it was considered bad luck to wear it before then in ancient times.
•Connect with plant energies. Choose a plant and spend time exploring the leaves and stem in great detail, being careful not to harm it. Use a magnifying glass. Feel the textures and inhale the scent of the plant.
•Let the whole family create a dance depicting the rising of new shoots from the earth to greet the sun. Create your own music with drums, rattles and whistles, or choose music that reminds you of spring. Bundle up, spread out a blanket, and watch the sunrise. Eat honey cakes and eggs for breakfast.
•Do a spring rite Take walks in parks, woods or other green areas. Make the walking a ritual in itself. Wear flowers in your hair, or as a necklace, and strew them around and on your alter. Toss crushed eggshells into the garden and say: For fairy, for flowers, for herbs in the bowers, The shells pass fertility with springtime showers. from: Green Witchcraft by Anna Moura (Aoumiel).

Wish Upon A Star

I made up this spell for New Years Eve. but performed it at the first New Moon in January. I had found these glitter cardboard star gift tags at a thrift store and thought they would be cool for something and this is what I came up with. I wrote on them 

To: Daniel,  the gift of _____________ From: The Universe.

I filled in the blank with things like health, joy, courage etc..... I then hung then from the trees in my yard. While doing this I called upon Hecate and the Universe to fulfill these gifts to me. I have left them in the trees knowing that as the ink fades the gift grows. So Mote It Be.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Simple Candle Spell for Courage

Light a candle of your favorite colour and some of your favorite incense. Sit comfortably and relax. When you feel nice and relaxed chant:

Burning flame, cooling wind.

I summon courage from within.

I call on all my strength and love,

Send me power from above.

Chant this over and over until it feels time to stop.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Candle Spell to Bring Joy

Magic to call joy into one's life should be performed at the Waxing Moon.

Get three cherry-red candles. Gather flowers, whatever kinds are in season, and decorate

your altar with them. When you have viewed the Moon that evening, light your three candles

and dedicate them to the Fates. Joy is very much in their domain. Say:

"Red is my blood and red is my laughter,

Red is the color of life and of love.

Gracious Old Ladies, who weave in deep dark places,

Bless me with joy and bless me with luck."

Perform this honoring of the Fates three nights in a row, and burn the candles a little each night.

The last night, allow your candles to burn down. For incense you can burn red clover.

Once the spell is finished, dispose of it by taking a little bit of the candle dripping, dried flowers,

and ashes from the incense to a living body of water, cast them in, turn your back, and don't look back.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wand Consecration 3

You will need :- Your wand, bowl of salted water and stick of incense.

Hold your wand high in salute and say:
"Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of all life
Here I present my personal wand for your approval.
From now on may it serve me
As a tool and a weapon in they service."
Place it on your altar and bow your head, thinking of it. Dip your fingers into the salted water and sprinkle it on the wand, on all sides. Now pick it up and hold it in the smoke of the incense, making sure all parts get throughly censed. Say:
"May the sacred water and smoke drive out any impurities in this wand, that it be pure and cleansed, ready to serve me and my gods in any way I desire.
So mote it be."
Hold it between the palms of your hands and concentrate all your energy into the wand. Then say:
"I charge this wand through me with the wisdom of the God and the Goddess
May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in their service in all things.
So mote it be."
Keep the wand on your person for 24 hours and sleep with it under your pillow for three consecutive nights. It is your own personal tool. It is fine to let other people handle your wand, but never let another use it for anything, inside or outside the Circle. It is considered bad manners to handle another person's tools without permission. Your tools are your personal symbol of witchhood and deserved careful choice and treatment.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Magical Tool Consecration Ritual 2

1.You'll need a white candle, a cup of water, a small bowl of salt, and incense. Each corresponds to one of the cardinal elements and directions:

•North/Earth: salt
•East/Air: incense
•South/Fire: candle
•West/Water: water

2.If your tradition requires you to cast a circle, do so now. Light the candle and the incense. Take the tool or other item you wish to consecrate in your hands, and face north. Pass it over the salt and say:

Powers of the North,
Guardians of the Earth,
I consecrate this wand of willow (or knife of steel, amulet of crystal, etc)
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night, and make this tool sacred.

3.Now, turn to the east and, holding the tool in the smoke of the incense, say:

Powers of the East,
Guardians of the Air,
I consecrate this wand of willow
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night, and make this tool sacred.

4.Next, face the south and pass the tool over the flame of the candle -- be careful if it's a flammable material like Tarot cards or a robe! -- and repeat the process, saying:

Powers of the South,
Guardians of Fire,
I consecrate this wand of willow
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night, and make this tool sacred.

5.Finally, turn to the west, and pass your ritual tool over the cup of water. Say:

Powers of the West,
Guardians of Water,
I consecrate this wand of willow [or knife of steel, amulet of crystal, etc]
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night, and make this tool sacred.

6.Face your altar, hold the wand (athame/chalice/amulet/whatever) to the sky, and say:

I charge this wand in the name of Old Ones,
the Ancients, the Sun and the Moon and the Stars.
By the powers of the Earth, of Air, of Fire and of Water
I banish the energies of any previous owners,
and make it new and fresh.
I consecrate this wand,
and it is mine.

7.Now you've not only consecrated the tool, you've claimed ownership. In many Wiccan traditions, it's considered a good idea to put the item to use immediately to bind the consecration and strengthen the energy of the tool. If you've consecrated a wand, athame, or chalice, you can use those in a ceremony to consecrate another tool. If you've consecrated something that is worn, such as an article of clothing (for example, a ritual robe) or a piece of jewelry, begin wearing it now.

What You Need:
•A candle, preferably white
•A cup of water

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wand Consecration Ritual 1

•You will need a white candle for the consecration flame, water, pentacle and incense.
•Cast your circle.
•To consecrate the tool, the elementals may be used.
•Pick up the wand, saying: "I have chosen this wand to assist me in my work."
•Visualize the wand being cleared of any negativity.
•Continue till the wand feels clear to you.
•Now visualize positive energy flowing from you, down you arm and into the wand.
•Visualize a strong white light flowing through your body to the tool. Feel it absorb the positive energies.
•Point the wand towards the North, saying: "May the powers of the Earth cleanse and fill the wand I have chosen."Touch it to the pentacle, saying: " In the names of the Goddess and God (use any names you wish), I bless and make sacred this wand, tool of my craft. I charge this wand by the element of Earth."
•Point the wand to the East, saying: "May the powers of the Air cleanse and fill the wand I have chosen." Pass the wand through the smoke of the incense, saying: "In the names of the Goddess and God (use any names you wish), I bless and make sacred this wand, tool of my craft. I charge this wand by the element Air."
•Point the wand to the South, saying: "May the powers of Fire cleanse and fill the wand I have chosen." Pass the wand quickly (the besom itself is obviously flammable) over the candle flame saying: "In the names of the Goddess and God (using any names you wish), I bless and make sacred this wand, tool of my craft. I charge this wand by the element Fire."
•Point the wand to the West, saying: "May the powers of water cleanse and fill the wand I have chosen." Sprinkle the wand with a few drops of water, saying: "In the names of the Goddess and God (using any names), I bless and make sacred this wand, tool of my craft. I charge this wand by the element Water."
•Then say: "This tool is now ready, being consecrated and charged to assist me in my work. So mote it be."
•Perform other workings if you wish, then close the circle

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wand History

General History
Like the Magik Staff, magik wands have been around for a very long time. Some of the first depictions of a wand come from Egypt, in the hands of Pharaoh. Not only did he carry a scepter for his kingdom, but also a wand. He was a 'God' after all. And magik was supposed to be part of his royal talents.

The Greek God Hermes (Mercury) is represented by a wand entwined with a snake and winged top. In legend, this wand is a sleep-producing wand. The famous musician Arion, had a wand of Ivory. Linguistic research shows the the symbol "cel" of the word Celts and "ger" of the German, both mean "wand". And both cultures used the wand as the symbol of the axis of the spring and summer solstices.

In Celtic legend, the three wise women who guide the steps of mankind (the Triple Goddess) are often seen or depicted with wands. Using these tools to direct their energy or control their desires during various events. One legend tells of the wise women facing cave dwelling giants, using their wands to dislodge boulders and rocks from the mountain to rain down upon the giants.

In Norse legend, Thor sets out to visit Geirrod without his weapons. The Hag Grid, warns Thor of the dangers he faces. She gives him her belt and magic wand to do battle upon his long journey. In this story Thor flings a boulder and breaks the back of a giantess with the wand.

In Aurthurian legend, Merlin casts his magik with the use of a silver wand; presumably constructed from the hardened blood of a unicorn that he helped to save from a dragon's attack.

But the wand isn't just seen in pagan paths. In catacomb frescoes of the third and fourth centuries, Christ is frequently represented performing miracles by means of a wand.

Scholars believe the wand found it's roots in the drumstick of a shaman. Especially from Siberia and Central Asia when drumming was used to raise energy before and during ceremonial rituals. Then pointing the wand at the recipient of that energy; such as a patient who required healing. From these humble beginnings, the wand has become a staple in magik practices through the centuries and into modern magik.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wands and Wood Correspondences

A wand is a thin, straight, hand-held stick of wood, stone, ivory, or metal. Generally, in modern language, wands are ceremonial and/or have associations with magic but there have been other uses, all stemming from the original meaning as a synonym of rod and virge, both of which had a similar development.

SymbolismIn ecclesiastical and formal government ceremonial, special officials may carry a wand of office or staff of office representing their power. Compare in this context the function of the ceremonial mace, the sceptre, and the staff of office. This is a practice of long standing; in Ancient Egypt, priests were depicted with rods. Its age may be even greater, as Stone Age cave paintings show figures holding sticks, which may be symbolic representations of their power.

Mystical, occult, and religious usage
Ancient Egyptian wand. From the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.In Pharaonic Egypt, toilette articles, weapons against possible enemies, amulets against serpents, were also left in the tomb, together with magic texts and a magic wand which enabled the ka (soul) to use them.

In classical Greco-Roman mythology, the god Hermes/Mercury has a special wand called a caduceus.

Six- to eight-foot-long staves with metal tips adorning them are carried traditionally in Freemasonry during rituals of the Craft. Ceremonial uses may have several wands for different purposes, such as the Fire Wand and the Lotus Wand in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In Zoroastrianism, there is a similar ritual implement called a barsom. In Wicca and Ceremonial magic, practitioners use several magical tools including wands for the channeling of energy—they serve a similar purpose to the athame although the two have their distinct uses. While an athame is generally used to command, a wand is seen as more gentle and is used to invite or encourage. Though traditionally made of wood, they can also consist of metal or crystal. Practitioners usually prune a branch from an Oak, Hazel, or other tree, or may even buy wood from a hardware store, and then carve it and add decorations to personalize it; however, one can also purchase ready-made wands. In Wicca the wand usually represents the element air, or sometimes fire, although contemporary wand makers also create wands for the elements of earth and water as well. The wand is most often used by modern Pagans, witches, Shamans and others in rituals, healing and spell casting.

There is some scholarly opinion that the magic wand may have its roots as a symbol of the phallus. It may also have originated as the drumming stick of a shaman, especially in Central Asia and Siberia, as when using it to bang on his drum or point, to perform religious, healing, and magical ceremonies

Sacred tree to the Druids. Shamans and ancient poets are often described carrying apple branches as symbols of their office. Apple indicates choice, and is useful for love and healing magic. Especially suited for spells to do with horses or travel, illumination, enhancing any skill, love, harmony, and beauty, harvest, and magic of divine, shamanic madness or visionary experience.


A Druid sacred tree. Druid wands were often made of ash because of its straight grain. Ash wands are good for healing, general and solar magic. Put fresh ash leaves under your pillow to stimulate psychic dreams. One of the few surviving Druid wands of old, found in an archeological dig, was made of Ash with a sunwise spiral design, symbolizing Ash's links to the Sun. So generally magical is the Ash that it is the wood used in some traditions in the brooms of witches.


It is often associated with the beginning of the year. It is a tree of beginnings in general and of the Bards, as the first grade of the Druid order. Birch is also a wood with great powers to purify and discipline, to create the new forest in service to the great trees that will come after, such as the oak and ash and maple. Birch forest is young and so birch is linked to youth and all things new. It is especially suited to magic of new beginnings, spells of youth and fresh starts, bardic enchantment, creativity, renewal and rebirth, purification, and spells for discipline and service. Birch is an excellent wood for brooms. A Birch Wood wand will bring the wizard luck.


Blackthorn is a winter tree. Its white flowers are seen even before the leaves in the spring. It is black barked with vicious thorns and grows in dense thickets. The wood is used in the cudgel shillelagh and Blasting Stick. Its thorns are used to pierce waxen images. Blackthorn indicates strong action of fate or outside influences that must be obeyed.


Also known as the Tree of Life, Arbor Vitae, Yellow Cedar. Ancient Celts on the mainland used cedar oil to preserve the heads of enemies taken in battle. To draw Earth energy and ground yourself, place the palms of your hands against the ends of the leaves. Evergreen Cedar is sacred, like Juniper, for the promise of eternal life. Cedar is a wood of protection and preservation. Cedar is a protective wood. It will protect the wizard against evil. It is also used for money and love charms.


Ebony is an exotic hardwood that comes from various sub-tropical climes. It is a wood that is used extensively for carving in Bali and in Africa because of its density and hardness. It is extremely difficult to carve, but the end result is a superb black wood (sometimes with lighter grain). Ebony is not one of the sacred woods of the Celts. Ebony is quite a popular wood for wands, and is unquestionably very handsome. It's presence and energy is very strong, and so it is not a wood for the faint of heart. Ebony is the most powerful wood for wands. Ebony gives the user pure, unlimited power.


Also known as Ellhorn, Elderberry, Lady Elder. Sacred to the White Lady and Midsummer Solstice. The Druids used it to both bless and curse. Standing under an elder tree at Midsummer, like standing in a Fairy Ring of mushrooms, will help you see the "little people." Elder wands can be used to drive out evil spirits or thought forms. Music on panpipes or flutes of elder have the same power as the wand.


Fir is a very tall slender tree that grows in mountainous regions on the upper slopes. Fir cones respond to rain by closing and the sun by opening. Fir can see over great distance to the far horizon beyond and below. Fir indicates high views and long sights with clear vision of what is beyond and yet to come.


Wands made of this wood symbolize white magic and healing. Forked sticks are used to find water or buried treasure. If outside and in need of maigckal protection quickly draw a circle around yourself with a hazel branch. To enlist the aid of plant fairies, string hazelnuts on a cord and hang up in your house or ritual room. Magically, hazel wood is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and poetic inspiration.


A beautiful white wood with an almost invisible grain; looks very much like ivory. Holly is associated with the death and rebirth symbolism of winter in both Pagan and Christian lore and is important to the Winter Solstice. In Arthurian legend, Gawain (representing the Oak King of summer) fought the Green Knight, who was armed with a holly club to represent winter. It is one of the three timbers used in the construction of chariot wheel shafts. It was used in spear shafts also. Holly may be used in spells having to do with sleep or rest, and to ease the passage of death.


Maple's sacred bird is the Great Horned Owl who is herald of the coming Feast of Samhuinn with its magick and mystery. The owl is a bird associated with wizards and wisdom, and the bearing of messages in the night. Maple is a strongly masculine wood, somewhat rebellious and tough, but with a beautiful smooth grain; hard, yet excellent for carving. Well-suited to spells of sending and communication, binding, transmutations, creation, revolution, rebirth, healing, beauty, art, and abundance. Maple is a favorite wood for magical wands. It is the wood of longevity.


Oak has been considered sacred by just about every culture that has encountered the tree, but it was held in particular esteem by the Celts because of its size, longevity, and nutritious acorns. The oak was the "King of Trees" in a grove. Magic wands were made of its wood. Oak galls, known as Serpent Eggs, were used in magical charms. The Druids and Priestesses listened to the rustling oak leaves and the wrens in the trees for divinatory messages. Burning oak leaves purifies the atmosphere. It can be used in spells for protection, strength, success and stability; the different varieties will lend their own special 'flavour' to the magic. Oak is a potent magical wood. It adds potency to all charms, particularly health and money charms.


Also known as Mountain Ash, Witchwood and Sorb Apple has long known as an aid and protection against enchantment. Sticks of the Rowan were used to carve Runes on. Rowan spays and crosses were placed over cattle in pens and over homes for protection. Its lovely red berries feed the birds in winter. The Rowan tree indicates protection and control of the senses from enchantment and beguiling. The Rowan was sacred to the Druids and the Goddess Brigit. It is a very magical tree used for wands, rods, amulets and spells. A forked Rowan branch can help find water. Wands are for knowledge, locating metal and general divination.


Also known as White Willow, Tree of Enchantment and Witches' Asprin. Once of the seven sacred trees of the Irish, a Druid sacred Tree. The willow is a Moon tree sacred to the White Lady, Its groves were considered so magickal that priests, priestesses and all types of artisans sat among these trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills and prophecies. Willow is favored for its general magical uses. It has strong protective qualities and is good for healing and love charms.


Also known as English Yew and European Yew. Another important tree to the Winter Solstice and the deities of death and rebirth. It is a beautifully smooth, gold-coloured wood with a wavy grain. The Irish used it to make dagger handles, bows, wine barrels and wands. The wood or leaves were laid on graves as a reminder to the departed spirit that death was only a pause in life before rebirth. The yew may be the oldest-lived tree in the world. Ancient yews can be found in churchyards all over Britain, where they often pre-date even the oldest churches. There are some convincing arguments for it being the original 'World-tree' of Scandinavian mythology. Yew is the Wood of Death.

Birch, purification, the first month, November
Rowan, protection against spells, the second month, December
Alder, protection and prophesy, the third month, January
Willow, feminin, lunar aspects, the fourth month, February
Ash, bonding the inner and outer world, the fifth month, March
Hawthorn, purification and chastity, the sixth month, April
Oak, protection and entrance into the Mysteries, seventh month, May
Holly, superiority in struggle, the eighth month, June
Hazel, intuition, the ninth month, July
Vine, prophesy, tenth month, August
Ivy, search for the Ego, the eleventh month, September
Reed, direct action, twelth month, October
Elder, beginings and endings, the thirdteenth month, the last days of October
Other options are the Apple tree for matters of the heart, willow for lunar magick, or oak for magick that implies a great use of the element of Fire. Some authors, like Scott Cunningham, suggest that before using and consecrating it, we should show it to the rising Moon, rubbing it with lavender and invoking the Goddess, and with fresh leaves at the rising Sun, invoking the God, so that it's imbuided with both energies.

I use my sticks (Wand and Staff) to gather, redirect and guide energy. I use my Blades (Athame / Ritual Knife and Sword) to focus my will and power to its purpose. However, some Witches reverse these roles. You can often tell by which Element they connect with the tool. To me a wand is Fire
Apple – Love, healing and immortality
Ash – Protection, prosperity, health and the sea
Birch – Protection, banishing and purification
Cherry – Divination and love
Chestnut – Love, strength, money and healing
Elder – Prosperity, sleep, protection and banishing
Elm – Love
Hawthorn – Fertility and love
Maple – Love, money and longevity
Oak – All purpose (Many “standard” staffs are made from Oak or Rowan)
Poplar – Money, success and personal riches
Walnut – Health, mental powers and riches
Willow – Divination, love, protection and healing

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clarity Spell

•a quiet place to work
•a smooth flat surface or table top
•one small cotton drawstring bag
•a small quartz crystal
•a small white candle
•equal parts of the following herbs: Rosemary, Lavender, and Chamomile
Clean your work surface and place the rosemary lavender and camomile in a pile on the table in front of you. Light your candle, and take a deep cleansing breath. It is time to begin.

With your finger or fingers (which ever feels comfortable) draw a meandering path in the herbs - starting from the center. This represents the current flow of clarity that up till now has been the norm... take your time... enjoy the play of finger and herb.... this is the last time you will take a long and arduous journey to clear thought and vision.

When you are done "playing," take the palm of your hand and smooth out the herbs, erasing the patterns and designs that were just drawn. Now, say:

Clarity of thought and mind
Come to me now and every time
I am yours and you are mine
Clear thought and vision entertwined

As you say those words, use your forefinger (your pointing finger) to draw a spiral design in the herbs starting from the inside out, drawing it in a counter-clockwise direction. This is the spell of undoing.... undoing the necessity for wavering and doubt... undoing dead ends and blind alleys.

Once again take the palm of your hand and smooth out the herbs, erasing the spiral design... do this slowly and thoughtfully... Now, once again say the words:

Clarity of thought and mind
Come to me now and every time
I am yours and you are mine
Clear thought and vision entertwined

and use your finger to draw a spiral design, this time moving from the outside in... in a clockwise direction... spiraling gently into the center, and when you are done place the crystal in that center spot.

Spend some time thinking about how easily clear thought and vision can spiral into your mind, your heart, your experience, your dreams, ... how effortless it can be... a smooth gentle spiral... Imagine that the spiral is not just flat on the surface of your workspace... but three dimentional... and real.

Repeat the spell words one last time... say it like you mean it. These are words of power. Claim them.

Clap your hands 3 times, loudly ,.. and then quickly scoop the herbs and the crystal into your drawstring bag... pull the drawstring tight... It is done!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Simple Money Spell

Light a green candle. Let it burn for five minutes, then extinguish the flame.
Rub your hands in the smoke and imagine money coming to you.

Simple Spell to Release Emotional Distress

I wrote this when I had an intense need for emotional healing. It is
just a basic outline, but it will give you the tools to ease your heart. The
key to successful well working is inside you. They are mostly need driven,
and adding your own energies is vital.

black candle

These are the basic tools for the spell. Add to this oils, ( I like cinnamon
- protection, love, healing) or crystals, stones or whatever you feel you
need to use. You don't have to anything because, the ritual itself is enough
on its own. just remember its YOUR spell.

Choose your dark mother, the one who applies to your situation. I chose Kali
- Ma, as she is the protector of women and children. I also feel strongly
bonded to her. Know your choice of deity! Study her/him.

Find a special spot, preferably outdoors, because you will burn the paper.
Write down all your hurt, and pain, and difficulties. ( sadness, loneliness
... what ever you are feeling) You might even write a letter to the
individual(s) who made you feel this way.

Open your circle, light your candles(s) and speak to the spirit, ask to be
free of the burdens you are feeling. use rhyme if you need to, or if you are
like me and are no good at such things , just talk.

Burn the paper with the writing on it

As it burns, thank the spirit for the taking these burdens from you and
giving you peace. thank her for the gifts you know you will receive.

Imagine yourself free of your troubles. Imagine yourself enveloped by the
goddess' strength and protection.

Close your circle, and bury or scatter the ashes of the paper. Allow the
candle to burn itself out.

Take from this what you need and suits your own needs. I hope it is as
helpful to you as it was to me.

source: Tracy F.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ritual to Direct Energy Towards A Goal

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed and your arms extended
outward. Your receptive hand (whichever hand you do not write with) should be
wide open, palm facing upward. Your projective hand (the had you do write with)
should be in a fist. Close you eyes and imagine your goad. Now visualize a
bright red fire surrounding your receptive (open) hand. Feel the warmth of the
energy. Imagine it flows up your arm and through your body into your projective
hand (the closed hand). Continue letting energy flow from the red energy
"flame". Once the impulse hits you and you feel the time is right, thrust both
arms to the right (or left if you are left-handed) opening up your projective
hand as you do so. This motion should be similar to "throwing" the energy
towards your goal. As you do this, say in a commanding voice what will happen as
a result of the energy release. (For example, if you used it to get a raise in
pay at work, you could say "I will get a raise".)

Results, if successfully performed, will be almost immediate. With practice,
this can work very well.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ostara: A History of the Holiday

Many Holidays, Many Names:
The word Ostara is just one of the names applied to the celebration of the spring equinox on March 21. The Venerable Bede said the origin of the word is actually from Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring. Of course, it's also the same time as the Christian Easter celebration, and in the Jewish faith, Passover takes place as well. For early Pagans in the Germanic countries, this was a time to celebrate planting and the new crop season. Typically, the Celtic peoples did not celebrate Ostara as a holiday, although they were in tune with the changing of the seasons.

A New Day Begins:
A dynasty of Persian kings known as the Achaemenians celebrated the spring equinox with the festival of No Ruz -- which means "new day." It is a celebration of hope and renewal still observed today in many Persian countries, and has its roots in Zoroastrianism. In Iran, a festival called Chahar-Shanbeh Suri takes place right before No Ruz begins, and people purify their homes and leap over fires to welcome the 13-day celebration of No Ruz.

Mad as a March Hare:
Spring equinox is a time for fertility and sowing seeds, and so nature's fertility goes a little crazy. In medieval societies in Europe, the March hare was viewed as a major fertility symbol -- this is a species of rabbit that is nocturnal most of the year, but in March when mating season begins, there are bunnies everywhere all day long. The female of the species is superfecund and can conceive a second litter while still pregnant with a first. As if that wasn't enough, the males tend to get frustrated when rebuffed by their mates, and bounce around erratically when discouraged.

The Legends of Mithras:
The story of the Roman god, Mithras, is similar to the tale of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Born at the winter solstice and resurrected in the spring, Mithras helped his followers ascend to the realm of light after death. In one legend, Mithras, who was popular amongst members of the Roman military, was ordered by the Sun to sacrifice a white bull. He reluctantly obeyed, but at the moment when his knife entered the creature's body, a miracle took place. The bull turned into the moon, and Mithras' cloak became the night sky. Where the bull's blood fell flowers grew, and stalks of grain sprouted from its tail.

Spring Celebrations Around the World:
In ancient Rome, the followers of Cybele believed that their goddess had a consort who was born via a virgin birth. His name was Attis, and he died and was resurrected each year during the time of the vernal equinox on the Julian Calendar (between March 22 and March 25). Around the same time, the Germanic tribes honored a lunar goddess known as Ostara, who mated with a fertility god around this time of year, and then gave birth nine months later – at Yule.

The indigenous Mayan people in Central American have celebrated a spring equinox festival for ten centuries. As the sun sets on the day of the equinox on the great ceremonial pyramid, El Castillo, Mexico, its "western bathed in the late afternoon sunlight. The lengthening shadows appear to run from the top of the pyramid's northern staircase to the bottom, giving the illusion of a diamond-backed snake in descent." This has been called "The Return of the Sun Serpent" since ancient times.

According to the Venerable Bede, Eostre was the Saxon version of the Germanic goddess Ostara. Her feast day was held on the full moon following the vernal equinox -- almost the identical calculation as for the Christian Easter in the west. There is very little documented evidence to prove this, but one popular legend is that Eostre found a bird, wounded, on the ground late in winter. To save its life, she transformed it into a hare. But "the transformation was not a complete one. The bird took the appearance of a hare but retained the ability to lay eggs...the hare would decorate these eggs and leave them as gifts to Eostre."

Modern Celebrations
This is a good time of year to start your seedlings. If you grow an herb garden, start getting the soil ready for late spring plantings. Celebrate the balance of light and dark as the sun begins to tip the scales, and the return of new growth is near.

Many modern Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Ostara as a time of renewal and rebirth. Take some time to celebrate the new life that surrounds you in nature -- walk in park, lay in the grass, hike through a forest. As you do so, observe all the new things beginning around you -- plants, flowers, insects, birds. Meditate upon the ever-moving Wheel of the Year, and celebrate the change of seasons.

source: Patti Wigington

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magick of Spring Flowers

•Crocus: This flower is one of the first you'll see in the spring, and it's often associated with newly blooming love. The crocus is also known to enhance visions and bring about intuitive dreams.

•Daffodil: The bright petals of the daffodil are typically found in shades of white, yellow or even pale orange. This flower is associated with love and fertility -- place fresh ones in your home to bring about abundance. Wear this flower close to your heart to draw love and luck.

•Dandelion: The leaf of the dandelion is used for healing, purificaiton, and ritual cleansing. To bring positive change about, plant dandelions in the northwest corner of your property. The bright yellow flowers can be used in divination, or placed in a sachet to draw good energy your way.

•Echinacea: Also called purple coneflower, this garden mainstay adds a little bit of magical "oomph" to charmes and sachets. Use it for prosperity related workings. Burn the dried flowers in incense, and use on your altar during ritual as an offering to deities.

•Goldenseal: This sunny yellow flower is often found growing in the wild, alongside roads and in fields. Use it in money spells, or for business dealings. Work it into charms connected to matters of financial gain or legal issues.

•Hibiscus: This lusty flower incites passion -- use it to attract love or lust, or for prophetic dreams about your lover. Burn in incense, or carry in a sachet to bring love your way.

•Hyacinth: This flower was named for Hyakinthos, a Greek divine hero who was beloved by Apollo, so it's sometimes considered the patron herb of homosexual men. Hyacinth is also known to promote peaceful sleep, and guards against nightmares. Carry in an amulet to help heal a broken heart or to ease grief when a loved one dies.

•Lily: The Easter lily or Tiger lily is associated with all kinds of Spring connections -- fertility, rebirth, renewal and abundance.

•Narcissus: Named for another Greek figure, the Narcissus helps promote polarity and harmony. Its calming vibrations bring about tranquility and inner peace.

•Tulip: The tulip appears in many different colors and varieties, but is typically connected to prosperity. You can use the different colored variations in color magic -- use a dark strain such as Queen of the Night for full moon rituals, or bright red flowers for love magic.

•Violet: In Roman myth, the first violet sprung from the spilled blood of the god Attis, who killed himself for Cybele, the mother goddess. However, today the violet is associated with tranquility and peace. The leaf offers protection from evil, and can be sewn into a pillow or sachet for a new baby. Carry the petals with you to bring about luck and enhance nighttime magic.

Important: Remember that some plants can be toxic to pets. Before you plant or pick any of these, be sure to check to make sure it won't be harmful to your furry companions. A great resource to check is on the ASPCA website at Toxic & Non-Toxic Plants.

Source: Patti Wigington