Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Self Esteem 3

The following tools will be needed for this self-esteem spell:

•1 small piece of rose quartz;
•1 small mirror; and
•1 natural fiber pouch (Cotton, velvet, silk are a few good choices).
Rose quartz is known for its ability to draw love to a person. It is one of the most powerful pink stones you can use in matters of the heart and love. It isn’t just effective in drawing love to you, but in helping you to love yourself.

Make sure that your stone is clear and free of any unwanted energies. To do this, bury the stone in a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours. Another way is to let the stone sit in the rays of the full moon for one night. Place it in the window sill where it will be safe and will not get knocked off. Smudging is a quick and effective way to cleanse your stones. Light a smudge stick — white sage or cedar are good choices — and hold the stone in the smoke for a few minutes. It will clear the energies and make your stone ready to receive the energies you are about to place on it.

Buy a new small mirror; it doesn’t have to be expensive, as a small dollar store pocket mirror will work just fine. Cleanse the mirror by running it under cool water for a few minutes. That will wash away any negative feelings or unwanted feelings that are in the mirror. While the water washes over the mirror visualize all the unwanted energy being washed down the drain.

The pouch is for keeping your mirror safe and away from others who may accidentally transfer unwanted energies into it. The pouch will also be used to enure that the only reflection the mirror works with is yours. If you want to you can add a sprig of white sage or cedar to the pouch to help fend off unwanted energies.

To Perform Mirror Magick to Build Self-Esteem Spell
The first morning get your tools together. Find a quite, comfortable place to sit. Hold the rose quartz in one hand and the mirror in the other. Gaze into the mirror and say: "Oh gracious Goddess / Who gave me life / Help me to see / My beautiful side."

Keep gazing into the mirror and begin to contemplate all of your good qualities and abilities. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, how caring and kind, thoughtful, and lovely, and whatever else is good and positive. Many will begin to “feel” a sensation working inside; the experience tends to be a bit different for everyone, but it could feel warm or tingly. Once you feel that sensation, sit for a few minutes and really absorb it. It's believed that the sensation is a sign that is the spell starting to cloak you.

After, thank the Goddess for aiding you. Carefully place the mirror in its pouch and store it someplace where it will be safe. Keep the rose quartz on you, stored in a pocket or purse.

Do this spell each morning. It won’t be long before you begin to feel all the good things you tell yourself every morning. Do your best to not allow negative thoughts into your mind during the day. If you find yourself doing that stop and take a deep breath. Think back to the morning ritual and reaffirm all the positive things you told yourself until the negative thoughts are pushed out.

You may feel a little silly the first few times you perform this spell. That is normal, just keep with it and don’t try to be modest. Keep in mind that mirror magick is very powerful magick. It is reflective magick and a pathway to your soul. Whatever you tell your reflection is reflected back on to you and your soul allowing you to heal. Never tell the mirror negative things as it will come back on you quickly and powerfully.