Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ritual for a Fresh Start

Again not my work, been sitting in my draft folder for over two years. I give thanks out into the universe to the originator of this work and the creative force behind it. I know this ritual appears to be for the New Year, but I thought it would be good for the spring solstice also, spring cleaning and all. May this ritual bring you and yours a year of blessings, renewed every year. So Mote it Be.

Let's start with the home, the one's you love and yourself. First for the home is quite simple. You need four white candles for purity and healing. Light each one as you bless your circle and call in the four corners; north, south, east and west. As an example I always ask them to come by saying;

" I call upon the spirit of the North; Earth. Please come and join my circle."

I ask the other corners and whomever I pray to the same way as respect to them. Asking them to join me in this spell. You may also call in to whoever you may pray to for guidance. This is to make sure that nothing negative may come and contaminate your spell. Then just simply recite this;

Please_____ protect my home, everything inside and those that I love.
From the deep grounds beneath the house to the clouds above.

Let every wall, door and window be protected from those who may do harm.

So mote it be.

Thank the corners and whomever you pray to for coming and have a safe journey. Let the candles burn for about another minute then blow them out.

A good way to start the year. You may do this spell as often as at least every year to make it stronger. Protecting the ones you love inside the home are just as important as those on the outside.

Another simple way to not only have protection inside the house, but happiness and health as well is to have a few stones that also serve those purposes inside either a vase or a jar or a little bag to keep near by. Here's just a few of them that are good for either inside the house or to keep around you;

Onyx- Happiness


Jade-H ealth, Wisdom, Wealth

Jasper- Health, Luck, Stress Reduction

Juniper-Health, Purification

Those are just a few that's good to have around the house or on your persona. One thing you should do though is purify them. A simple way to do it is place themin a bowl of water and lavender oil. Lavender is for protection and stress-reduction so it's also good to have some for the bath when things seem to be getting too stressful. I suggest to leave them in for an hour and then simply dry them and place them in whatever container you choose to put them in.