Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hecate Binding Spell

Not sure I agree with the intention behind this spell but in the interest of compiling Hecate info/spells/rituals I am posting it. Again I did not write this but I give thanks for whom ever did. I also think that with a few word changes it could be transformed into something more positive. Blessings.

Cast your cicle and say:

"In Hecate's name we bind ____ to the flame

May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain

We cast ____ to the wind, that all know ____ shame

May Hecate envelope ____ in the threefold law

May all forget ____'s shame, their harm, their call

May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls

We join our energies fellow friends in the Craft

May Hecate stop ___'s harm in the future, present and past

Only when their deeds are reversed will this binding be uncast

So Mote It Be!"