Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Spell for Making a Decision 2

When something must be decided and you've categorized your choices, here's a spell that will help you to decide. When someone says "I don't know what I want," this spell can come in handy to bring out the decision you subconsciously want.

-Glass bowl
-a handful of rocks found by a body of water (seashells work great too if you live by an ocean)
-a small stick
-1 cup of warm water
-pen and paper

Simply find a peaceful place, perhaps in your meditation zone, and fill the glass bowl with the rocks or seashells. Pour the warm water into the bowl and place the small stick straight up in the middle of the bowl. There should be enough rocks or seashells to hold the stick in place.

Clear you mind and concentrate only on the reason you have to make this decision. Keep your mind off of your options until you have a clear image of why you are making a decision. Place your palm on the top of the stick, close your eyes and say:

"To reach within me
to take a side
to use this knowledge
and to decide..."

Remove your palm from the stick and mentally list your options again. The first one you list is the decision you most wish to make.