Monday, February 13, 2012

Spell for Prophetic Dreams

 Here is another spell from the my overflowing draft folder. I think this may have come from Llwellyn's spell a day cache of spells but I am not sure. I thank whoever wrote it and ask all of you to also give thanks for the creative force behind it. This seems like quite a simple but powerful spell to work. Blessings on it's 'working' for you. So Mote it Be.
 During sleep, the connection between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind is strongest. Dream memories, impressions, and feelings often yield the information that directs you to your goal. Write your latest dream on a small piece of paper. Place this paper in a pouch with an amethyst or some mugwort. Place the pouch on your pillow, and say:

As I dream tonight, this spell burns bright.
Paths of manifestation are revealed in morning light.

Before rising from bed, record any impressions on paper. Be alert for any directions that you may receive over the coming days.