Friday, February 10, 2012

More Moon Meanings and Magic Correspondences

Full Moons and their Meanings

In many religions in early times, the moon became a symbol, and even the home of the many gods and goddesses that dwelt in the otherworlds.

Today, based on many centuries of practice and understanding of the divine, the pagan religion maintain a strong side with the moon and all her phases. Each phase of the moon has its own individual designation of the triple goddess.

The waxing moon. The growth into a full moon is termed as the maiden.

The full moon is designated as the mother because of its fullness, power and it is representative of fertility.

The waxing moon is known as the crone or wise woman, she is represented as the aged mature being, rich with knowledge and experience.

The mother.... the maiden.... the crone

Not all pagan beliefs see the moon in the same light. There are some who look upon the Moon is a bad omen, or say that no magic will be performed on the dark or waning moon. They are of the opinion that the new Moon is a sign of changes, and even of bad luck.

But as the moon has her light and dark side so do we all! To tap into both sides and to achieve a balance, one must embrace all aspects of the goddess or moon phases.

Many Goddesses were associated with the moon in ancient beliefs, and for some still are!

Diana, Isis and others were most known for the fall or waxing phase of the moon.

Cerridwen, Hecate and the Hag were known as symbols of the dark Moon or waning phase of the moon.

In some beliefs and traditions the waxing to the full moon was ideal for magical activities, the waning phase was ideal for banishing meditation and divination. The new Moon was not to be used for anything.. a time of rest and reflection.

The Moon is a powerful symbol in the sacred tarot also. The moon stands for deceit, occult forces or psychic ability, and can also indicate secrets or hidden facts which are coming forward or overcoming one's own problems by using one's own innate psychic abilities.

In astrology, the moon also has a strong impact on the other signs in which one was born.

In some societies the stages of the moon are taken into account during planting and harvesting of crops, In our own western society this was so up to perhaps 60 years ago! Perhaps something that we should consider exploring again.


Although we usually know generally speaking what phase the moon is in at any particular time, what we don't always realise is how much we are influenced by the powers of lunar energies and how they affect our lives.

In the pagan calendar (which is both Wiccan and Celtic) not only are the eights Sabbats and holy days of worship acknowledged but also with the Wheel of the Seasons and 13 full moon phases, one every 28 1/4 days.

Moon Cycle Stages

Moon stage Uses Explanation
waxing moon fertility magic, health magic, planting herbs, new beginnings. the waxing moon goes from black (new) to full. As the moon grows, she will have a magnetic pull on all things, and will strengthen their energies.
waning moon undoing magic, ongoing magic, banishing, backing away, separations and eliminations, reconstructions. Best time to gather herbs and flowers the waning moon is from full to black (new) this is the time for ending relationships with unwanted partners or situations. This is the time for the inward journey of self and preparing for rebirth
Full moon high tide of psychic powers and abilities, perception and divinations. Helpful time in all types of magic and where power is needed most. this is a powerful time where energy is in abundance. Magical rites are amplified as energy is in its zenith. Formal magic works best in a seven-day cycle Around the full moon, three days before the night of the full moon, and three days afterwards.
Black (new) moon no magic should be performed on a new moon. This is the time of rest. this is a powerful and still time, we respect the moon's cycle and the power she instilled by resting on the black moon

Each full moon has a traditional title in both the Wiccan and the Celtic calendar.

Month Celtic moon Wiccan moon phase
January quiet moon Wolf moon dark half Moon
February moon of ice storm moon dark half Moon
March moon of winds chaste moon dark half Moon
April growing moon seed moon light half Moon
May bright moon hare moon light half Moon
June moon of horses dyad moon light half Moon
July moon of claiming mead moon light half Moon
August moon of dispute wyrt moon light half Moon
September singing Moon barley moon light half Moon
October harvest Moon blue moon dark half Moon
November dark moon snow moon dark half Moon
December cold moon oak moon dark half Moon

Went two full moons occur in the same month, the second moon is called a ' blue Moon'