Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gay Spirit Invocation

Another dusty draft from my 'draft folder' and again I did not note the author or even where I found this. I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I did and join me in giving out to the universe a hearty 'Thank You' to the real author.

From the Lavender Lands, and the space in between,
From the cracks in the world, in the order of things,
We summon the Queer Ones, the fount of our love,
To rise from below and descend from above,
To bridge now the gap that exists in our hearts,
To heal the pain that has torn us apart.
Bring us your laughter and lend us your song.
Join in the struggle endured for so long,
That we now might taste of the water of life,
And be free from the curse that has caused us such strife.
Let us remember our power and place
Of our home from the stars, in the sweet ones embrace,
To reclaim now the ancient blessing once given,
from the Goddess of Earth, the Goddess of Heaven:
For ours is the wisdom of moon and of earth,
We stand at the gate between death and of birth.
As the fathers of beauty, as the mothers of souls,
we are healers of spirit, and we walk between worlds.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I have really been needing this. I am really excited to use this in circle soon!

sanehat said...

Bellatrix, did you use the spell? If so how did it go? Would appreciate feedback. Thank you