Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Hymm to Hecate

Hekate, Mother Goddess

Goddess of Witches,

I Hail thy Dark Moon,

She Who is Ruler of night;

Guard me and Thine

Until the light.

Helios, God of the Sun,

Hermes God of Magick,

I Hail thy Fair Sun,

Ruler of day;

Rise on the morn

To light thy way.

Unto my Lady and my Lord,

Blessing and Praise I give thee.

I Hail thee, Goddess on the Moon...

I Hail the God of the Sun...

Hail thee Hekate, Mother, Maiden and Crone.

She who has many names yet unknown.

Hail thee God,

He who is Helios, Hermes,

Known by many names yet unseen.

Blessings and Praise,

Forever it shall be.

Blessed be.

By Lady Abigail