Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Ritual for Enhancing Your Divination Tools and Abilities

Another ritual from my 'draft folder', and again I do not know where I found this at but I really like it. Plan on doing this as soon as possible. When I do I will add a note to let you all know how it went. Blessings.

Spread out patterned cloth of purple, white, and green, and on it place a white candle for clarity and purity of purpose and a purple candle for enhancing mental acuity and psychic powers. Mix together nutmeg with sage to promote psychic ability and clear, pure thought, and place a small dish of the herbs on the cloth. In the center, place your divination tools. Include any deities and symbols important to you, or that you want to connect to your divination work. Begin by humming a long single tone while envisioning a clear white light around the cloth. Light the candles, calling in the spirits that you wish to witness this blessing. Pick up your divination tool and hold it to your heart. Cast your awareness to your feet, and envision the energy of the Earth coming up through your feet, through your body to your heart. Envision this Earth energy now mingled with yours, coming out through your heart and into your tool. Feel this energy surround your hands and the tool and quietly allow the energy to permeate them. Place the tool in the herbs and cover it while visualizing clarity, purity of purpose, and psychic knowledge and wisdom. Next, pass the tool over the purple candle and envision the tool opening and communicating deep wisdom. Then pass the tool over the white candle while envisioning purity and clarity. Hold the tools to your heart again, breathing deeply, to create a vital connection with you. When you are finished, extinguish the candles. Wrap the tool in the cloth, place it on top of the dish of herbs, and leave it on your altar for three days. After that, unwrap it and use the tool with honor, wisdom, and deep knowledge