Monday, February 27, 2012

Ritual for a New Home

This spell/ritual has been sitting in my draft folder for over two years. I did not write it and so can not take credit for it, but I give thanks to whom ever did. I really like this imagry of this spell and how it harnesses the power of YOUR intention to achieve your dream home. May it bring to you that right and perfect home for you. So Mote it Be.


•red candle (my sources point me to green or blue candles for home magick but I didn’t feel that resonated with this task so I went for the power of fire-y red instead – the color is really your call.

•Four of Wands – I bought a Tarot deck at a used book store for artistic  magickal use only, so I took this card out for this spell. Please don’t use cards you’re afraid of damaging – a photocopy or a print-out version works as well!

•pinches of Rosemary, Sage, and Rose Petals – dried, mixed together and ground

•candle anointing oil – I like using a powerful High John the Conqueror Oil for luck and  overcoming odds

The Working:

1.Gather materials and bless them according to your practice.

2.Hold the red candle and the  Four of Wands and visualize walking through your dream home, full of happiness.

3.Carve “new home” with your name and astrological sign into the candle; dress with a blend of the above-listed herbs and oil.

4.Place candle in a holder over the Four of Wands and  light:
“Of all the places on this beautiful Earth, This enchanting home we shall call our own hearth! To Hestia, we plea to make our dreams real, and while I’m wishing, please make it a great deal! Blessed be.”