Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mabon Blessings

Goddess Of Autumn;

Goddess, pull your mantle of Autumn over and around us

We see you in the purple dusk and the early setting sun

We see you in the fall of leaves in the auburn, orange and red

We smell you in the ripening of the fruits of your harvest

We smell you in the smoke of the bonfires of your leaves

We hear you in the chatter of the gathering squirrels

We hear you in the rumble of the settling mountains

We taste your bounty in the gathering of the autumn crops

We taste you bounty in the essence of the grapes and fruits

We feel your presence in the earth and air around us

We feel your love in our hearts and our souls.

Goddess, stay with us, bless us and protect us

So Mote It Be


Mabon Blessing
Goddess, we thank you for your blessings and gifts

For the bounties of spring and summer and fertility of our lives and lands

For the powers of creation, which challenge us and fill us with breathtaking awe

Goddess we thank you

For the earth with its sunrises and sunsets, ocean tides and mountain peaks

For the Humanity, our shared pasts and futures, our oneness despite all differences

Goddess we thank you

For our hopes and dreams, noble causes and understanding of views not shared

For all who have worked and fought for a fairer universe and a life of dignity and freedom

Goddess we thank you

For the opportunity to learn and grow, the knowledge to teach and make choices

For the wisdom to live by hope and not fear and by our deeds not our words

Goddess, we thank you

For all that we have overlooked and taken for granted in the our daily life

For being and letting us be blessed by that being

Goddess, mighty and powerful, tender and charitable, we most gratefully thank you now.

Blessed Be

On this day of equal light and darkness, may you find the balance you need in your life, may you be blessed with abundance of many kinds, and may you be surrounded by the people who love you.


Drali Afrohealer said...

This is fantastic actually the one real want the blessing spell and love spells but mostly interested in black magic love spell

Vita Plastica said...

Hi I only recently found your blog when looking for some magickal correspondences and I love it so much! I can't wait to dive in and see what treasures you have hidden in here! How do you not have a billion followers?!

sanehat said...

Vita, probably because my life has been so crazy that I have not had the time to really DO a lot with the blog. I mostly use it as a storehouse for stuff I find interesting. Will try to do better in the future and get those billion followers. LOL, thanks for reading.