Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Intense but simple banishing spell

1) Do this when the moon is wanning, or if you want it gone
*now* do it on the dark of the moon.

2) Use an object to a focus of what you wish to banish, and
destroy the object in the ritual (ripping and chewing it to
bits works well for some folks, burning it works for

3) Try some Datura leaves in incense as you work; it is
great for banishings. Asafoedita herb also works, but it
will also likely banish *you* (it smells incredibly vile and
induces nausea in most folks). Hope this helps.

Example: I was having trouble finding romance, so a did a
ritual where I took a piece of black cord, and symbolically
made it the focus for all the forces, internal and external,
which were keeping me from finding romance. I annointed it
with my blood, saliva and semen. I then ripped and chewed
the cord to bits, and burned the remains. I summoned up all
of my anger about my lack of romance and focused it into the
ritual. The ritual worked, a bit *too* well at first, but
it worked.

So I am not sure who wrote this spell, but again I thank them for their work and for sharing it with us. Have not done this but again am thinking of using it for New Moon this Saturday. Gonna do it at the cemetary so I can leave the Asafoedita outside and away from my own home. Since I have problems with screaming, can't do it, am really hoping to get some crap out of me. Will keep you all posted.