Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magick and Honey

Was inspired by Mrs. B. over at Confessions of A Pagan Soccer Mom, to look a little more into the magickal uses of honey. Was surprised at how little I was
actually able to find. One spell that I found repeatedly was a 'honey jar' spell. The best explanation and way(s) of doing it I found at Lucky MoJo.


Here are some magickal uses and correspondences:

Western element: water

Magickal uses: attracting happiness, fertility, purification, romance

deities associated with honey:
Artemis (Greek Goddess)
Ea (Babylonian God)
Kama (Hindu God)
Min (Kemetic/ancient Egyptian God)

When using honey as an offering it is traditional to taste the honey first to show it is not poisoned.