Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magick and Honey

Was inspired by Mrs. B. over at Confessions of A Pagan Soccer Mom, to look a little more into the magickal uses of honey. Was surprised at how little I was
actually able to find. One spell that I found repeatedly was a 'honey jar' spell. The best explanation and way(s) of doing it I found at Lucky MoJo.


Here are some magickal uses and correspondences:

Western element: water

Magickal uses: attracting happiness, fertility, purification, romance

deities associated with honey:
Artemis (Greek Goddess)
Ea (Babylonian God)
Kama (Hindu God)
Min (Kemetic/ancient Egyptian God)

When using honey as an offering it is traditional to taste the honey first to show it is not poisoned.


Anonymous said...

The only time you have to taste the honey first is when you are working with Ochun, from which the majority of honey jar workings actually derived. However that is more taboo for practitioners of Santeria than it is within hoodoo practices.