Friday, February 15, 2013

Simple Spells to Lift the Spirit


 I apologize for the long gaps in publishing posts.Many reasons, none interesting enough to spell out unless you are needing help to get some sleep. So after a very disturbing dream about a very dear friend I am/was looking for simple spells to lift their spirit and hopefully mine also at the same time. These are not my spells and I will try to give credit where credit is due if I know who to give it to. Thanks for all the peeks at this blog and for those of you who follow it.

 Depression/Stressed Spirit Spell:  
Everyone knows someone who is or has been depressed or really stressed out so make time in your magickal & social life for them.

Give them a helping hand by writing this on paper and then burning it to release the magick:

"Magick Moon burning bright,

Let mine will be done this night.

Answer now my Pagan Spell,

Let all with (name) now be well."

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Sea,

As I Say, So Mote It Be!''

From our friends of "Witches"

Posted by Lady Abigail of Ravensgrove Coven on Facebook

A Simple Spell to Break Negativity
By Silver Ravenwolf

Put a birthday candle in a cup of dirt, light it, put it out, and break it. Throw the burned half away. Relight the remaining candle and say:

"All negativity around me is broken.

I am filled with the loving light of the universe."

When the candle has finished burning, throw out the dirt

To Banish Stress and Depression :

A black stone

A candle for the Goddess and God

To be by a stream or brook (any body of running water)

Go to the place of water and sit, light the candles.

Sit with the stone in your right hand. Think of all the

things that are making you depressed and stressed. Sending

all thought to the stone. When you feel it all leave your

body and enter the stone, cast the stone into the water and chant:

“I cast you out

Let the bad wash away

Let me be filled with

Peace and harmony.”

Sit for a moment and feel the energy that you now have and how

wonderful you feel. Thank the Goddess and God for their help.

Blow out their candles and go home, or stay for a while.

I have seen this spell in many places, with little variation. I think one of the key ingredients is the running moving water. Did something similiar but threw the stone into a lake. Have to admit really did not feel the release of negative energy I was hoping for. I used a lake because it was the nearest natural water source to my home but next time will most defintely be using a natural 'running' water source.