Friday, September 4, 2009


This spell is from Llewellyn's 2009 Spell a day Almanac. I have done this spell twice and both times it has worked like MAGICK!!!!! The spell book calls for a picture to represent what you want to get rid of but I have just used words, names, a things but no pictures. I wrote them down on a sheet of paper, laid the paper on a sheet of aluminum foil, folded the foil with the paper on it seven times. Seal the package with wax from a melting/burning black candle. I have used purple when I did not have black. While you are sealing it say. "No longer can you enter my life, no longer can you cause me strife, on ice you go. on ice you stay, go you now away this day. Then place the package in the back of your freezer knowing it is done. Leave the package there.


Zee said...

Hi I am going to use this to break up a couple. How long does it take to work?

sanehat said...

Zee sorry it took so long to respond. Usually works rather quickly.