Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moon of Hecate Spell

2006 Spell-A-Day

Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Poplar

The twenty-ninth day of each month is known as the Moon of Hecate, regardless of the Moon cycle at the time. Hecate, Greek goddess of the underworld, is sometimes misunderstood and aligned with dark forces. Hecate is actually a symbol of empowerment for many women. Her image is represented as a woman who faces three directions, expressing the Triple Goddess of maiden, mother, and crone, whose wisdom can also see in all directions. Today, two days before Samhain, invoke the energies of Hecate to uncover secrets that are hidden from you, or to help find an answer to a question you need to have answered. Speak these words:

Come help me unfold,
What has remained untold.
With your vision help me see what remains unseen by me.

Meditate and allow thought to flow freely, taking note of whatever enters your mind.
By: Emely Flak