Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Self Confidence Spell 3

This seemed like such a cool and wonderful spell I had to include it. Love the Dragons, the runes the chant. Again just seemed wonderful and powerful.

Its purpose is to instill the confidence of a Dragon within the heart and mind of the Caster. It should be performed for the first time near or during the time of the full moon, and later whenever you feel the need for a little extra "boost."

Needed Items: 1) Iron Shavings (or a small iron/steel nail) for strength 2) One each of the following: Citrine (self-determination), Rose Quartz (self-esteem) and Amethyst (courage)... choose small stones 3) A small amount of each of the following: Cinnamon-stick or powder- (personal power), Bay leaf (success) and Catnip (happiness) 4) A 4"x4" black cloth square (black repels negativity) 5) Three feet each of Red, Purple and Orange thread 6) A Gold paint pen or ink pen (recommended for quick drying), or Gold paint and a brush 7) Dragon's Blood oil or Cinnamon essential oil - genuine or "synthetic" (if you use genuine cinnamon oil be careful as it burns if gotten onto sensitive body parts, so be sure to wash your hands afterwards) 8) One Red, Purple and Orange candle 9) Something to carve the candles with 10) Normal altar equipment Perform Clan Circle Casting and Quarter Calls Invite your Dragon friends

The Casting:

Step1: Inscribe the candles with the following words: Red--Strength, Purple--Self-assurance, Orange--Success Anoint each candle with the oil and chant 3 times for each candle:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic; Lend me your aid Lend me your guidance as this spell is made! Place the candles in their holders and light.

Step 2: Using the gold paint, draw the following Runes on the black cloth square: Sigel: for strength and self-confidence Lagaz: for increased vitality and life-force Isa: for development of self-will Remember to concentrate fully on the qualities of each Rune. Say those qualities out loud if you want. Set the cloth aside, painted side up, so it can dry.

Step 3: Charge the iron, herbs and crystals according to the indicated qualities by concentrating on each item in turn while chanting:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might! Lend me your magic; Lend me your aid, Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!

Continue chanting until each item "feels" as if it can hold no more energy, then turn the (hopefully dry) cloth square painted side down and place each charged item into the center of the square. Gather the four corners of the cloth together and tie into a bag using the red orange and purple thread.

Step 4: Pass the bag carefully *over* each candle in turn and say:

(Red) Strength (Orange) Success (Purple) Self-assurance

At each utterance visualize Dragon Fire of the corresponding color streaming from those Dragons who have answered your request for assistance and enveloping both the bag and you. "Feel" yourself filling with the strength and confidence of a Dragon.

Repeat the Empowerment Chant until you feel and internal signal to stop, or you "see" the stream of Dragon Fire slowly ease up until it has stopped. Commune with your Dragon friends for a while if you want, then end the ritual. Allow the candles to burn themselves out or down to the socket and hang your talisman bag where it will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

Remember to thank all the Dragons for their assistance and bid them safe journey as they return from whence they came. I then recommend "pushing" the Circle energy out to meld with the energies of your house protections... Why waste any remaining confidence-filled energy?

By Kerowyn J'Karrah SilverDrake, 1998