Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simple Spell for Self Confindence

Okay it is late at night and suddenly it hit me to look for a spell for self confidence. Not entirely sure why but it felt right. This spell is about as simple as you can get but I like it. Gonna give it a whirl and try it out.

Things You'll Need:
Piece of turquoise
Hematite stone
Quartz crystal
Small piece of white cloth

•On a piece of white cloth, write the following:" Confidence, come unto me Nervousness now quickly flee Bring me strength and bring me ease As I will, so mote it be."

Once you've written the words, take the piece of turquoise, the hematite stone and the quartz crystal and place them on top of the cloth.

Wrap the cloth around all the stones. Tie up like a little hobo's bundle to secure the contents.

Carry the tied-up stones with you wherever you go, either in your purse, a book bag or anything you else you tote regularly.

The Self Confidence Spell is now complete.