Monday, February 7, 2011

Boji Stones

Boji Stones, known as the "Stones of Humanity," are very powerful in their healing properties and are often used by healers to align one's energy field.

Boji Stones are often called the “stones of humanity” because they are separated as male and female stones and are frequently known to have androgynous qualities. Male stones are outnumbered greatly by female stones and are uneven and sharp. The androgynous varieties of male Boji Stones exhibit points and rough patterns along the surface. In comparison to other minerals Boji Stones are smaller in size with the largest faceted stone to be found less than only three carats in weight. Most Boji Stones are approximately the size of a dime to the size of a gold ball.

They are as old as the earth and were formed simultaneously with the creation of the Earth, thus making the stones millions of years old. They are blackish-brown in color, flat and spherical in shape, and are made up primarily of pyrite. They are only found in one place in the world, the United States. They have been derived from Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Formation in Gove County, Kansas. When used for healing purposes, these stones are most effective when they are used in pairs as male and female. The androgynous male stones can be used independently of the female stone because their energy is equal to the energy of the pair. It's believed that Boji Stones are effective in healing physical conditions.

What Are the Metaphysical Properties of Boji Stones?

Boji Stones facilitate the moving of energy from the subtle (spiritual) body to the physical body. They are primarily used to balance and align ones energy field. They help to balance the yin and yang (male and female) energies in the body and help to recharge the aura and fill any empty spaces with positive energy. Boji Stones have also been used to assist in the aligning of all the chakras in the body, from Crown Chakra to Root Chakra.These stones are said to improve the body’s electrical structure by creating an electromagnetic field around it and to promote the removal of blockages in order to allow healing to take place in the body. Boji Stones have been shown to improve the functioning of the brain by up to six percent as they are used to facilitate clarity in the brain. They are also said to be useful in recovering short and long-term memory.

What Are the Physical Healing Properties of Boji Stones?

Boji Stones are believed to be very effective in alleviating pain. When placed on an injured body part, some say that it helps to ease the pain almost instantaneously and endows one with the ability to heal more quickly
Boji Stones are also said to promote the regeneration of cellular tissues that have been damaged and ease muscle strains and pain. As mentioned above, these stones are used to facilitate clarity in the brain. They are also used on a physical level to eliminate excess aluminum that is stored in the brain and could potentially cause damage.

Boji Stones in the Astrological World

Boji Stones have a vibrational frequency that resonates to the numbers 1 and 9. It is the astrological sign for Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus.