Saturday, May 7, 2011

Past LIfe Tarot Spread

From the Wizards Tarot, here’s a past-life spread based on the Transfiguration card:

Most of us are constantly in the process of remaking ourselves. We want to shed unhealthy habits and unproductive beliefs, and replace them with wholesome thoughts and behaviors.

The process of transformation and release, however, always comes with a price. Sometimes it seems unbearably high: in order to change, we have to relinquish the comfort and control of our old selves, and venture into new, unknown territory.

For deep insight into your personal transformation, you can use the cards to explore a past life. This spread can refer to the life you lived as a child or young adult, or it can describe another incarnation completely.

Lay the cards in a figure-8 shaped lemniscate, which is a symbol of infinity.

1.Past life physical description: What did you look like during your past life?
2.Past life location: Where did you live?
3.Past life personality: What kind of person were you?
4.Past-life/present-life relationship: Which relationship have you carried over from a past life to your present? (If you’d like to see more than one relationship, add another card.)
5.Past life purpose: What was your soul’s purpose in a past life?
6.Past life passion: What did you love about your old life?
7.Past life death: How did your old life pass away?
8.Life lesson: What did you learn from your old life?
9.An unresolved issue from your past life: What fear, worry, or concern did you carry from your old life into your present?
10.Present life purpose: What do you need to accomplish in your current life?
11.Advice: What message does your past self have for your present self?