Monday, June 28, 2010

Happiness and Self Esteem

Okay found these spells and I really liked how the felt kinda light hearted in some respects but serious in their efforts. I also like the gardening aspect, it is like as the plant grows so will your happiness. I changed some of the wording because I was not happy with the rhyme of the first spell. Okay I changed quite a bit, I liked some of the basic ideas but after re-reading a few times it just did not feel right to me. So hope you enjoy them and may you be blessed by them.

First, you must get in touch with the witch in you. That's the voice within telling us to breathe some magic into our lives. Your witch intuitively understands the wonders of spells and other rituals. These allow us to know ourselves and others better, improving the quality of our lives, encouraging us to face our problems. Try it. Believe it. This might just work...

To reap rewards we need to make sacrifices of the personal and you must commit totally to improving your situation. This spell is particularly helpful when cast in conjunction with the self-esteem spell.

You will need: a jade plant or a cutting from one, a suitable-sized pot, gold paint or ink, 3 coins and a crystal.

On the pot, using the gold paint or ink, paint the symbol for magical energy, blessing and fertility (a star, crescent, and 2 triangles). Place some earth in the bottom of the pot and then place in the coins before adding the plant and filling in with earth around the edges. Say, May Hecate bless me with good fortune and may that fortune grow and grow. With Hecate's blessing It Is So.

Keep the plant on a sunny windowsill and a week prior to a full moon place a crystal on the soil. The day after the full moon, put the crystal in your purse. Carry it with you as a reminder of what you are trying to achieve (you'll be amazed how adept we are at double think. We know we have no money, but it doesn't stop us spending what we don't have).

Once you become aware of the growing sense of happiness, pass the crystal on to someone deserving. Spreading happiness breeds happiness.

Self Esteem Spell:

You will need: a bath, 7 green oak leaves (or bay leaves), lavender oil, a purple candle, a yellow candle, jasmine oil, and purple thread.

Run the bath to a depth and temperature of your liking and sprinkle in the lavender oil and oak leaves in. Light the candles and climb in. Close your eyes (but don't fall asleep) and take some long deep breaths. Breathe in the warming orange light of confidence and breathe out the murky coloured self doubts. Imagine a yellow light above your head which slides down your body replacing any darkness within, filling you from top to bottom.

When you leave the bath, let candles burn out naturally.Thread the oak leaves onto the purple thread. Then, whenever your self-esteem fails you, heat jasmine oil in a burner, light the candles, and hold up the oak leaves. I suggest carrying the leaves in a box or envelope with you in your handbag,backpack etc.. on all sorts of important dates. I think you could also leave them on your alter or in a safe place.