Monday, June 21, 2010

Questions, That Keep Me Up at Night

So here it is almost one thirty in the am and I am wide awake again. With all kinds of weird questions rolling around in my mind. I seriously can not get over the things you think about when it is dark, quiet and when most importantly you should be sleeping.

1) If you are Pagan does that mean you believe in magick? Does it mean you have to practice magick?

2) Does Quantum Physics explain magick? I am reading a book about quantum physics and I have looked into it some before and I really wonder if it does explain, at least in part, how magick works.

3) If you believe in fairies, angels, elves etc....does that imply the existence of vampires, werewolves etc...? Looked at a few web sites that say they have evidence of the existence of vampires. I was not won over. Not saying I don't believe that they could exist just that these sights did not make a winning argument to me. The only thing they did say that made an impact was that through the centuries and across the globe there have been stories of vampire type beings. Is that true?

4) Why do people collect things? And why do some people's collections seem so weird, like collecting dolls or pig figurines? So I tried to figure out why I collect books, like a stone collects moss. It is partially a feeling I get when I hold a book in my hand, not all books, but the ones that come home with me have a certain feeling. And I think it is partially a quest for knowledge, a curiosity about the world.

So any thoughts on these subjects? Anyone else find themselves up at night pondering things like this? See more questions.


Two Feathers said...

Ok, so here are my thoughts, since you asked for them...

1. Does being a Pagan necessarily mean a belief in magick? I dunno... I guess it depends on what you mean by magick.

I'm pretty sure that being a Pagan doesn't require the practice of Magick... That being said, I personally think that everyone practices magicks of one kind or another... we just call them by different names.

And what is a pagan anyway? So now you've got me distracted by a number of questions of my own... I may have to blog this as soon as I get done wrestling my Reiki Class/Website/CEU Application and etc down to size...

Two Feathers said...

I still haven't gotten to it... but it's on my mind!