Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poppet Misc.

Here are some misc. things I found floating around the internet, thought I would share them with you.

Tips & Warnings
Keep your intent in mind, and in focus, from the moment you start the poppet til you finish.

Other possible herbs for healing: Eucalyptus, Rowan, Cinnamon, Sage, Peppermint, Hops and Sandalwood. (Use alone or in combination.)

Choose the color of the material and herbs used for future poppets based on your intent.

You can use one herb alone or in combination with others.

Feel free to include stones associated with your intent as well.

NEVER imbue a poppet with anger, spite or any other malignant intent. Remember, that which you send out will return to you in time.

NEVER conduct any workings that would impose your will onto another person. DO NOT become involved in that person's life without their asking you to and giving their consent. Harm none.
Such workings as above should NEVER be used in place of seeking the help of a medical doctor. All diagnoses should come from a licensed professional.

Some possible colour associations:
Purple: Magic/Spiritual/Religious worries
Blue: Work/Study worries
Green: Money problems
Pink: Love problems
Red: Physical/health/self esteem body problems
Orange: Emotional Problems
Yellow: Thought/Intellect/memory worries

Some more Fabric Ideas:
•Animals: Brown or green fabrics, patterns with cats or dogs, anything pet-related
•Banishing: Black fabric, designs such as swords or wands, dragons or fire
•Creativity: Orange or yellow fabric, prints of suns or other fire symbols
•Healing: Silver, white or blue, with designs of clouds or other air symbols
•Love: Pink or red material, designs like hearts, roses or other flowers, Cupids
•Money: Silver, gold or green fabric, or designs of dollar bills or coins, cups or earthy symbols
•Protection: Red or white material, with patterns of shields, keys or locks, fences, mistletoe.

Some General Poppet Ideas:
To Gain Financial Success
•Material: satin, green or gold or silver
•Herbs: clover, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon
•Gemstones: snowflake obsidian or sodalite

Create a poppet that represents you yourself. As you make it, focus on the positive attributes that you possess which will make you appealing to a potential employer. Another option is to create the poppet in the image of the employer (include business cards or letterhead inside, if you can get them) and tell the employer poppet why you're the best person for the job.

To Heal a Sick Person
•Material: White cotton or unbleached muslin
•Herbs: Lemon balm, feverfew, ivy, and pine.
•Gemstones: Bloodstone, turquoise

When you make this poppet, be sure to indicate what you are trying to heal, whether it's a case of tennis elbow, a chronic infection, or even a broken heart. Focus all of your energy on the ailment in question.

To Bring Love Into Your Life
•Material: Red or pink silk or cotton
•Herbs: Rose petals, parsley, and peppermint
•Gemstones: Barite, jade, rose quartz

Make a poppet to represent the object of your affection -- remember that in some magical traditions it's frowned upon to make a specific person the target of your working. If you are simply trying to attract love to yourself, but you don’t have a specific person in mind, focus on all the desirable qualities you want to see in a potential lover.

Silencing a Gossip
•Material: Ground beef or other squishy meat
•Herbs: Horseradish, pepper, rue, yarrow, valerian
Shape the meat and herbs into a person, and create a "meat puppet" in the same way you'd make a fabric one. As you make the doll, tell it that it's time to be silent, and tell no more gossipy stories. Remind it that people who can't say nice things shouldn't say anything at all. Dispose of the doll by either burning it on your grill and burying it someplace far away, feeding it to your dog, or leaving it out in the sun to rot.

****Really like this Idea****
Emergency Poppet on the Fly
•Material: Aluminum foil
Perhaps something has come up in a hurry, and you feel it needs immediate magical attention. Use a piece of aluminum foil to whip together a quickie poppet -- shape it into the figure of a person. Fill with any magical components that might be handy -- bits of wood, dirt, grass, even a name scribbled on a piece of paper -- and personalize the poppet.