Friday, December 31, 2010

Avocado Prosperity Charm

Avocados, with their rich green flesh, represent lasting wealth. Use this charm to make sure that you are always with plenty of financial resources. If you ever experience a sudden change in fortune, such as losing or starting a new job, a serious illness, or some other major event then you should recharge this charm and that will help ensure that even if there is short term calamity—your luck will turn for the better in the long run.

Magical Tools
• Avocado
• Salt
• Olive Oil
• Gold Paint
• Green Ribbon

Magical Spell
Eat an Avocado with salt and olive oil, two other potent symbols of wealth. Do not eat anything else with the avocado and make sure that you eat it on an empty stomach. Allow yourself to feel the richness and flavor filling your body as you swallow and savor the avocado.

Save the pit and set it aside where it will be able to dry out. When it is completely dry, paint the pit in the brightest gold paint that you have. Paint several coats until it looks like a golden egg (perhaps this is where the legend comes from?)

Attach the green ribbon to the pit using glue or tying it on. Do not drill holes or chip any part of the pit away: the pit is your nest egg, do not ever do anything to decrease it.

Using the ribbon hang the pit in a northern facing window.

To recharge the charm, just apply a fresh coat of gold paint and sleep with the pit under your pillow until you have a dream of new wealth and prosperity coming your way.