Friday, December 31, 2010

Tiger Eye Bill Banishing Charm

If expensive bills are making it impossible to save up money or put anything away for an emergency or special treat, use this talismanic spell to put a stop to all those money drains. Tiger's eye is a gemstone that is known to be a powerful attractant for wealth, and when used in this spell it will put an end to wasteful spending that is keeping you down.

Magical Tools
• Tiger's eye stone

Magical Spell
Before beginning any spellwork, attune the tiger's eye stone so that it will work extra hard to protect your financial health. Place the stone in a bowl of water that has absorbed moon beams for a week, and then sleep with it under your pillow until you have a dream of financial success. The stone is now ready.

Whenever you pay a bill or write an expensive check, rub the paper with the tiger's eye and visualize it erasing any debts that you owe to that lender. See your balance due in their ledger book dwindle quickly down to nothing.

Whenever you receive a payment or gift of money, rub the paper with the stone and visualize your bank statement with more in it than you expect.

When your good fortune has gotten to the point that you can no longer ignore the impact that the stone has had in your life, thank it. Then give the stone to another person that is having money difficulties. Explain to them how the stone works and bless them as you have been blessed.