Friday, December 31, 2010

Money Jar

This spell will create a fountain of wealth to pour out more money for your family. The best money jars are the ones that have been passed down from mother to daughter, but since not everyone is lucky enough to have one passed down you can learn how to make your own to start a trend of family riches! This spell takes time to get started, but only gets more powerful as time goes on. So be patient and let it build with time.

Magical Tools
• Quart-Sized Mason Jar
• Gold spray paint
• Green Ribbon
• Thin silver chain
• Mint, Basil and Fenugreek
• Money Oil

Magical Spell
Use spray paint to paint the inside of the jar completely gold. To get the smoothest finish, paint in several thin layers allowing the paint to dry between layers. The jar should be beautiful and inspiring.

Rub the jar all over the outside with the mint, basil and fenugreek. Place dried mint, basil and fenugreek inside the jar. Dress the outside of the jar with money oil.

Tie green ribbon and silver chain around the rim of the jar.

Every full moon place 3 silver coins in the jar. If there is a blue moon (a second full moon in the same month as another) this is a particularly good omen, and you should put 2 extra silver coins in the jar. If you don't have silver coins then use the largest coin in your national currency.

When the jar is full, put half the money in a bank account that you have set aside as a special fund, and distribute the other half of the money to a charity of your choice. When the jar is empty, immediately put three new coins and more basil, mint and fenugreek in the jar.

To pass the jar on to your child, wait until the jar is halfway full and give it to them on the night of the full moon. You should place one coin in the jar, and have your child place two coins in.

DO NOT RAID the jar before it is full. Doing so will weaken the magic and eventually make it ineffective