Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Spell to Lift Your Spirit

This Spell is used to increase your happiness and lift up your spirit and give you a different way to look on your day .

Items you will need




10 deep breaths

Instructions for ' Lift up your spirit'

Well it is a spell based on meditation all you have to do is to sit somewhere calm and silent

1 - Close your eyes and visualize yourself somewhere calm with green trees and cascades of water falling down

2- With your eyes closed take 10 deep breaths, while doing that concentrate on your breathing

3- after the 10 deep breaths chant this once :

''with the power of my mind , I will forget all that is bad
and call all that is good to come my way safe and sound. So Shall It Be''
Then open your eyes and feel the happiness and your positie attitude on its way to improve your day .

Spell by Kal