Monday, April 11, 2011

Xylomancy: Tree Divination

Okay have searched the internet from here to oh, some where over there, and could not find a source for how to actually do xylomancy. It would appear to be a very free flowing, free association thing. As is most divination techniques. What I got from my research is this, if you are walking along and some branches on a tree or on the ground remind you of a rune....go with it. If the branches in a tree make a pattern that speaks to you, use it. If a certain type of tree calls out to you look up what it means. Maybe all of these sources will come through on the same walk, use them. I know that sometimes when I have been near a tree or trees I could literally hear them speaking to me, whispering on the wind. Another hint, sometimes you just know there are fairies living in a particular tree, leave them a gift. Something shinny preferably. If I feel particularly drawn to a tree I will usually leave a few pennies by it. I always have pennies in my pocket when I go for a walk in the woods for just this purpose. Hope this is helpful, Blessings.