Friday, April 15, 2011

Simple Spell to Draw in Elemental Energy

Items you will need

a fire safe bowl

a candle: colour corresponding to the element you which to draw in.

a sheet of paper

a pen or pencil

Casting Instructions:

On your piece of paper write down which element you wish to draw into your life. IE: Water, Fire, Earth, or Air. I think it would be helpful to also write down which aspect of the element you wish to use/draw in. Light candle and set paper on fire. Burn in fire safe bowl/cauldron. If windy take outside and allow ashes to blow away. If near a river or stream place in the water and let them be carried away. If neither is possible rinse down the drain. I don't like the symbolism of using the lavatory to flush them so I would just put them down the drain. Another way would be to bury them. Blessings