Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Banishing Negativity

So I am involved in a job hunt and at the same time trying to figure out a way to deal with my very dysfunctional family. Neither is going well at the moment. So this week I have been trying to rid my life of negativity. Both in my home and in me. I have cleaned, smudged, spritzed banishing water and laid sea salt across doors/openings. Here are a few more things I am going to try. Thought maybe you all might be interested also.


A Ritual for the Dark Moon

Begin by setting up your altar as you normally do for ritual, making sure you have a black candle and wine or water in your chalice in addition to anything else you use. You will also need a cleansing, purifying incense and a censer or some kind of container which can be carried around your home. It is best to set your altar on the floor for this rite, but you may do it however you feel most comfortable. Cast your circle as you normally do. When you are through, kneel before your altar and light the black candle. With your arms held, palms upward, at your sides, call Hecate by saying three times:

"Hecate, beautiful Crone of Night

I call you here to put things right.

Transform the negative thought and pain

And help my life be whole again."

Close your eyes. When you feel the presence of Hecate and know she is there to help you, open your eyes. Bow your head to her to show your reverence, and then take the chalice, saying:

"Lady of the Dark Moon, Share with me this wine.

Bring your protection to Flood this life of mine.

May the waters of your eternal womb Bring change most divine."

Sip a small amount of the wine (or water), envisioning it as liquid energy, flowing to effect a positive change within and outside of you. Leave the rest as an offering to Hecate. Light the purifying incense in the censer, cut a door in the Circle, and, beginning in the eastern-most corner of your home, smudge your home, going clockwise. Go into every closet, the bathroom, and the garage - make sure your entire house is smudged. As you go, chant:

"Negativity be gone."

Come back into the Circle and visualize your entire house and yard bathed in a peaceful blue light. Since you have created a void by banishing the negativity, you will need to fill that void. Ask that good, protective spirits come into your home and that positive energies replace the negative ones that have just been banished. This is an important step, because if you don't fill the void with something good, the negativity will come right back.

Sometimes during such a ritual, I take one large and one small black stone and charge them to keep away negativity. I promise Hecate that the large one will remain in a prominent place in my house and that I will keep the small one with me at all times. Thank Hecate. Meditate if you wish, visualizing your life free from negative happenings and feelings and full of love, prosperity, and happiness. Feel how She has changed your home and your life. Close the Circle and know that it is done.

The above from: Spell Cabinet.

Saw what seemed like an incomplete spell/ritual where you place an egg in your bath water, visualizing all of the negativity draining from you into the egg. Recommended leaving egg in bath water until all water had drained but no instructions on what to do with egg after. Thinking of doing this while cleansing myself with sea salt, letting bath drain and then burying or placing in garbage the new container, the egg, of my negative energy.

This is a very simple banishing spell used for negativity.


Large white candle, I usually use a pillar style

4 black candles, any size will do as long as they are smaller than white candle

powdered sage

Essential oil of choice-I would use rosemary oil of clary sage

Set up your four candles, one in each direction with your pillar candle in the middle. Take small amounts of oil and dress your candle, I place a few drops of oil in my left palm and swirl the candles in my hand, annointing them with oil. As you do this, visualize peaceful, tranquil thoughts, or if here is a certain situation you have in mind picture it resolved. You may chant if you like, Once all candles are dressed, light each of the black ones, leaving the white for last. Sit back and focus on the flames, see those black candles absorbing negativity and canceling it out of your life. Every now and then take a small pinch of the powdered sage and sprinkle onto each of the candles, this adds protection as well as banishes negativity.

This spell is great for beginners to candle magick, its not very involved and is easy to perform. Visusalizationis the key, if you really want to get serious you may write a rhyme madeof a few lines that is specific to your situation, chant as you focus and sprinkle.

By: Spirit Maiden