Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boji Stones

I have a pair of Boji Stones, I found them to be very helpful in feeling more peaceful and centered. When I held them in my hand I could definetly feel the energy flowing, a tingly feeling in my hands.  I found that not everyone 'feels' something when they hold them but does seem to walk away feeling more balanced.

The Boji Stone is as old as the earth. The formation of the stones and the creation of the earth were simultaneous thus making the stones millions of years old. They are primarily made up of pyrite, which gives them their blackish-brown color and are flat and spherical in shape. There have also been studies showing palladium in the stones. Boji Stones are derived from only place in the United States at Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Formation in Gove County, Kansas.

Boji Stones are separated as male and female stones and some may even have androgynous qualities. Female stones are smooth and outnumber the male stones. Male stones are uneven and sharp with the androgynous stones exhibiting qualities such as points and rough patterns along the surface. Boji Stones are small in size compared to other minerals ranging from the size of a dime to the size of a golf ball. The largest faceted stone to date is less than three carats in weight.

Boji Stones are most effective when they are used as a pair of female and male stones. Androgynous stones however can be used alone because their energy is equal to the energy of a pair of male and female stones. Boji Stones are effective when used in the healing of physical conditions but they are more powerful when used for their metaphysical properties.

Metaphysical Properties of Boji Stones

-Primarily used to balance and align ones energy field.

-They aid in moving energy from the subtle body to the physical body.

-Help to recharge the aura and fill empty space with positive energy.

-Promote the removal of blockages to allow healing to take place.

-Facilitate the balancing of the male and female energies in the body.

-Assist in aligning all of the chakras from the crown chakra to the root chakra.

-Improve the body's electrical structure by creating an electromagnetic field around it.

-Used to facilitate clarity in the brain. This can increase the functioning of the brain by up to six percent and also helps to recover short and long term memory.

Healing Properties of Boji Stones

-Used to promote the regeneration of cellular tissue that has been damaged.