Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gemstone Luck Spell

Found this but no author was given. I like how you write down and store the energy of good events in your life.

What you'll need:

* 1 small wooden box with a lid

* 3 small gem stones (I find aventurine, amethyst, and peridot work best for good luck.)

* A small piece of paper

* A green pen

* 1 green candle

* Frankincense (incense)

Do this spell when the moon is waxing. (Getting bigger.)

STEP 1: Prepare your altar, and cast a circle.

STEP 2: Meditate for a few minutes to still your mind. Close your eyes and sit at your altar for this.

STEP 3: Place your hands over the wooden box, and say:

"By the powers of the Earth,

By the powers of the Air

By the powers of the Fire

By the powers of the Water,

I empower this spellbox.

This will assist me in my spells

So mote it be."

STEP 4: Light the Green candle

STEP 5: Light the incense

STEP 6: Write a short paragraph about a happy event that occured in your life.

STEP 7: Roll up the paper and gently place it in the box.

STEP 8: Visualize the experience you wrote on the paper... re-living your joy at the time that it


STEP 9: Hold each gemstone in your hand one by one and say:

" Powers and Energies

send good luck my way."

STEP 10: Place each gemstone into the wooden box.

STEP 11: Snuff out the green candle.

STEP 12: Repeat steps 4-11 for 7 days.

STEP 13: At the end of the 7th day...after you've done stpes 4-11... open up the wooden box and allow it to stay open for exactly one hour. This will release the energy you have built up inside the box.

STEP 14: Carry the gemstones with you any time you want to attract some good luck. Better yet, find a small leather pouch to keep them in, and carry this on your person.

Enjoy...and "may luck be with you... always!"