Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Five, Spell Six

Okay so did this with my partner, of 20yrs, and my nephew thought it would be kinda fun for us to do together. I was really enjoying it. Thinking about the colours, where to place them, how they fit into my vision of my wish. I would really recommend this one just for the pleasure it gives doing it. Of course it will be super wonderful if our wishes come true. So Mote It Be.

Click on the small image which will take you to a full sized A4 image.

Print it out on some nice paper.

When you are ready and you have time to do this, consider a wish, something heart felt, something that you need magical help with so that it will come true in all ways for you.

When you have the wish and you are really clear in your mind what it is you are asking for, take the Wish Bird template and now, set to colour it in, one segment at a time.

As you are looking at the template, the lines and segments, keep what you are wishing for always in your mind and let the colours you are using become ASPECTS of that wish.

For example, if you wish for a red sports car, then green is the land through which you drive, to see the blue ocean and the golden shores, watch a purple and orange sunset and drive to a silver lake.

Let the painting unfold as you colour it in, keep your mind on your wish and let the right colours simply come to you.

Leave the background to the end, because that is what finalises and activates the entire procedure.

When your Wish Bird is totally personalised and entirely coloured in, it is ready to go.

Put the finished painting up in a place that seems appropriate to you and keep it up until the wish has come to pass and you have what you wanted.

When that has happened, you can either dispose of the Wish Bird painting or you can take it down and put it away to keep as a souvenir, that's up to you and what you feel is best.