Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who & Where I want to be.

So last night I was lying in bed thinking about this project, about magic and about what I want my life to be like. Who do I want to be. I started thinking about my magical mentors, Geb and Dumbledore. Both powerful mages but both wise, sensitive, loving etc.... So what do I need to do to be more like them. I started thinking about am I just playing at this magic thing or am I doing it seriously. I think I am mostly taking it seriously with a little play which is probably a good thing but that I could probably be a little more structured in my approach to it.

So back to who I want to be or what I want my life to be like. When I was fairly young I wanted to be a priest, not that I was catholic, but I had this idea, a picture in my head about what life as a priest would be like. I would live in ths beautiful old house, with a lovely garden surrounding it and I would help people with their problems. As I became older I realized the life of a priest, especially a Roman Catholic priest, was not the life for me. So I thought I would become a psychologist, another dream which was quickly shattered by the insainity of my psy. college professors. I thought "they can not even help themselves how do they think they can help others". Now the dream feels more defined, there is a specific house, a certain look to the garden, a room in the house labelled "Office of Fulfillment". I want to be a mage, a shaman, a healer. I still want to help people with their problems and I believe this path is leading me there.

I believe this blog, this project is one length of the path. The other sections involve attending Sergi Kahili King's school in California and Barbar Brennan's school in Florida. With the gifts the Goddess & God have given me along with some training to hone some of these gifts I will fulfill that dream of the boy alone in a room dreaming a beautiful life of helping those around him. So Mote It Be.