Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day Nine, Spell Ten

So in trying to think of a spell to help a young relative and trying to refine down exactly what he needed it occured to me he needed clear vision of his life, his opportunities, etc.... Of course it then occured to me that we could all use this. So I came up with this little chant:

Clear awareness everyday,
Clear awareness in everyway,
Clear awareness in every hour,
Clear awareness is now ours.

Then I thought and pondered on what colour candle to light. First I was going to use purple but just did not feel perfect, and since purple is my favorite colour this was a little surprising. I ended up using white, it seemed right for clear, true vision to use pure white. So I inscribed clear vision on the candle, impowering it for just such a purpose. Lite some incense that smelled right and again using the chant from Gypsy Magic to open the circle. I chanted my little chant nine times while letting come to mind friends and family. I then asked for this to be done harming no one. Closed the circle. I let the candle burn out on its own. So Mote It Be.