Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Seven, Spell Nine

. Spell to banish debt

If your bills are piling up, a little bit of help never goes amiss!

Moon phase: Full for maximum power

One green candle, oil of your choice, (patchchouli is a good one to use) Any pointed implement such as a nail.

Consecrate and anoint the candle and nail from wick to bottom. Carve the names of your creditors down the side of the candle, light the candle, asking the power of the moon to help you bannish your debt, as the candle burns away, imagine also your debts decreasing. Let the candle burn away completely, making sure it is in a safe container, whereby no hot wax may be spilled.

Okay did this one exactly as written. Trying to get in some of these cool spells while the moon is right. So Mote It Be.