Monday, January 25, 2010

Day Three, Spell Three

Releasing Negativity Spell
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Cinnamon

In the course of life, anger can come between family and friends. Sometimes these hurts can be corrected by an apology. But sometimes we have lost contact with the other person and have no direct way to try to mend the issues. Even if apologies are made, it can be difficult to get past the ill feelings. Cast a circle of blue light, call in your guardians, and light lavender incense. Use a quill or athame to inscribe the word “forgiveness” on a blue candle three times, then dress the candle with honeysuckle oil and light it. Hold a chalice of water between your hands, and pour out all your negative feelings into the water. Let the water absorb the painful, hurtful thoughts and feelings. Say the word “forgiveness” nine times out loud, and meditate on forgiveness. Dismiss the guardians and the circle. Pour the water down the drain. Allow the candle to burn down naturally.

Okay did this spell because feeling a lot of anger and resentment. Can not even express how much, but picture the inside of a volcano before it erupts. Or the inside of Mt. Doom. So I did the spell and I did feel better, much calmer and felt like I could continue on with out an eruption of bad yucky feelings spread all over for me to clean up later. Changes: did not have honeysuckle used tuberose and Nag champa incense. Still seemed to work okay. So Mote It Be.

Update on healing spell: Well Zan, my dog, certainly got worse during the night. Woke up at 2am with him vomiting all over the bed & floor. What a stinking mess, but now this morning he seems a better. It seemed strange that he never actually acted like he was sick but just the throwing up. So I am guessiing he had to get something out of him before he could be well. See how it goes today with him. So Mote It Be.