Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Eleven, Spell Thirteen

Okay I was looking for a spell for clear thinking. To get rid of all that noise that goes on in your head. The negative comments you make to yourself, the condemning voices from the past, that sort of thing. Found one I kinda liked but I tweaked it some.

You will need a silver candle in a holder set on a flat work surface and some silver glitter. With the glitter, draw a counterclockwise spiral around the candle holder. Light the candle and repeat the charm:

We/I release all negative mental chatter today

As this candle burns negativity drifts away

Trapped in glitter and burned away by fire

We/I are/am clear and free that is our/my desire.

I said the chant three times. I opened the circle with the chant I have been using from Gypsy Magic and invited Hecate to join me in this mental cleansing. The spiral of glitter looked so cool while the candle was burning. Here is to a clean mind! So Mote It Be.