Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Seventeen, Spell Twenty

So sometimes our present state of distress is caused by the past cluttering up our present. I know that I get so bogged down by kicking myself for things I did in the past that are now seen as mistakes. So I found this spell to help get rid of that negativity.

Banishing Past Sorrows Spell

There are times when our past mistakes and fractured hopes impinge on our present and make us feel low and depressed. This occasional feeling keeps us from realizing our full joy and happiness. We return again and again to the memories of broken promises and our various disappointments. Instead of greeting each new day as a moment of opportunity, our hearts remain stuck in the past. Not to worry, we can banish these sorrows. Gather together paper, a pen, and string. After centering yourself, write your sorrows and broken hopes on to the paper, using precise language. Roll the paper in a tube and tie it with the string, knotting it tighly. Place the tied paper into a burning bowl. Light the paper and chant:

The ties of the past must vanish.
With fire and knot I do banish.

Chant until the paper and string are burned entirely to ash. Gather up all the ashes and bury them in the earth.

This post was written by Gail Wood on May 09, 2006

So I really like this spell, even more than I thought I would. Found it a little harder at first than expected to make my list then thoughts just rolled out of the pen and on to the paper. It also felt really good saying the chant watching it burn and when that last little ember winked out it felt done. So Mote It Be.