Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Thirty

So I found this cool picture representing the four elements and I thought I would do a little research into them.Though I am not sure which is suposed to represent fire. Neither the deer/stag or the chipmunk seems to have that property. So here is some findings on the element of earth.

Earth; its nature is fertile, nurturing, stable, working, moist, grounding and gravitational.

Rituals associated with it are; prosperity, money, wealth, employment, fertility, growth, and grounding.

Herbs that are associated with this element are; patchouli, mosses, nuts, vetivert, roots, ferns, Evergreens, and sage.

Related places are; gardens, canyons, caves, forests, parks, kitchens, basements, holes, valleys, and mines.

There are many stones that relate to Earth; green stones such as emerald and peridot, or heavy stones such as coal or load stones.

Here are also some animals that share Earth energies; horses, earthworms, ants, beavers, cows, dogs, and burrowing animals such as moles and gophers.

Metals related to this element are; mostly lead and iron, being from the Earth, all metals relate somewhat to the element.

Earth has receptive energy, gathering up and storing as much energy as possible, much like a battery. Other things that relate to this element are; the colors green and brown, the direction of north, the sense of touch, and its' natural symbols are rocks, wheat, salt, soil and acorns.

Astrological signs related to Earth are; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Finally; some ritual forms associated with Earth are; burying, images in sand or earth, and planting; types of magic are magnet, image, knot, binding, stone, and gardening.

Hope these are helpful to you in your magickal studies I know they will be to me.