Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day Sixteen, Spell Nineteen

So here is today's spell for happiness from my friend TwoFeathers over at Gypsy Magic.

You will need:

One large yellow candle
Essential Oil - sweet pea, geranium, or neroli,
Sweet smelling incense
Bottle of bubbles
Grassy area to lie upon

Find a soft, grassy place outside and spread a blanket to lie upon. Anoint the yellow candle with the oil. Light your candle and the incense. Visualize the bubbles as your wishes. While on your back, blow the bubbles upward to the heavens. Make a wish that will bring you happiness or will inspire you. Recite the incantation before the bubbles fall back to the earth. With each bubble that touches your skin, that wish will come true.

Tiny wishes falling down,
Dancing softly to the ground,
Touch my skin so I may know,
Happiness is all-aglow.

_______________ is my desire,

Upon this beautiful day.
Tiny bubbles soaring higher,
Grant my wish today.
So mote it be.

source: Spell Castings

So I had to make a few adjustments since it is winter and snowing outside I did this spell inside in my magick/sacred space room. I used tuberose oil since I didn't have any of those recommended. Not sure I saw the point of the candle or the incense especially if I had done this outside. Found it hard to say the incantation, blow bubbles and focus on my wishes. Might try this again in the morning. As always we will see how it goes. So Mote It Be.