Friday, February 19, 2010

Day Twenty Eight

I thought doing a spell every day would help me learn magick and give me confidence and it has. I am getting the feel for what makes a spell good and not so good. Learning about correspondences, candle colour magick and oils. It seems like so many spells are for the same categories of things. It was seriously difficult to find interesting and different spells to do and some things I looked for I could not find.

So going in a new direction. It was beginning to not feel right to do a spell everyday, especially spells that were so similar to one another. It felt like I was not letting the magick work by doing a similar spell day after day. So not going to focus on doing a new spell every day. Instead I am going to post what feels right. Might be a spell, might be a cool new magical thing I have learnt or a rambling dissertation on my thoughts.

So here is to continued learning and new directions. So Mote It Be.