Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Eleven, Spell Twelve

Okay here is a spell for Imbolc from Gypsy Magic. I know this is not for others, which is my intention for the week, but I have one I am refining, to use and post later today, just doesn't feel quite done yet.

For this spell you will need a large piece of ice, an icicle, a snowball, or several ice cubes. You'll also need a bowl, and a candle.

Take the ice into your dominant hand (your right if right handed, your left if left handed), hold it over a bowl and think about winter and whatever it is that has been frozen in your own life.

Say, 'This represents the Crone, Lady of Winter, of the time when the land is still and resting. But as winter's thaw begins, so the Lady casts off her robes of stillness and becomes once more the Maiden. Full of movement, like the cool waters of spring, she flows once more to bring life and hope to all the land'.

Now ask the Maiden to bring fire and warmth to your own life so that your energy will flow and your own spring will come. Imagine the frozen places in your life melting just as the ice in your hand is melting.

Place the melting ice into the bowl, say a warm thank-you. Light a small candle and as you do, think about how your life will begin to grow and change.

Once the ice has fully melted, keep the resulting water to put on your favourite plant, either indoors or in the garden. (Please wait until the water has reached a reasonable temperature before you do this.)

~Madame Fortuna

I enjoyed this spell the tangible feeling of the ice in my hand its coldness and then the trickling of water as it began to melt. Twofeathers didn't specify a candle colour but I used green. What represents spring more than green, right? So Mote It Be.