Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Twenty Five, Where I have Been

Sorry for being missing in action. Life sorta fell apart. Between a two day migraine and unexpectedly moving my car was stolen. Any magic I have been doing has been in the form of meditation trying to hold myself together. Not really upset about the car but it is a huge inconvenience.

For the new moon I did a meditation with a black candle. I really tried to center myself, to listen to that voice that is my guide. This was on Saturday the same day the car was stolen. I did feel better but not sure I received any message. I just kept hearing this song in my head "Hold on tight to your dreams". So that is what I am trying to do.

I keep thinking about some Buddhist proverb or story I read once about a rice bowl. Something like if you go out begging with a full rice bowl you won't get anything because it is already full but if you go out with an empty rice bowl you will because you are empty and the universe will fill the void/vacuum. So my bowl is definitely empty I am just waiting to be filled. So Mote It Be.