Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Thirty-Three

So today our fourth guest on the element countdown is water. So important to life and to magick. From a soothing waterfall to a deadly tsunami it is amazing.

Rituals pertaining to this element are love, psychic, sleep, dreams, marriage, friendships, purification, and peace.

Herbs that are most closely associated with Water are water lilies, seaweed, lettuce, rose, apple, chamomile, catnip, cucumber, gardenia, geranium, sweet orange, poppy, valerian, vanilla, violet and willow.

Places one would perform Water magic would be; springs, lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, wells, fountains and streams.

Stones; aquamarine, amethyst, and blue tourmaline.

Metals silver, mercury, and copper; and the color blue.

Its' energy is receptive, its' direction west, and its' sense is taste.

Ritual forms include dowsing, washing, bathing, and dilution.

Astrological signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Finally its' natural symbols are a cup of water and seashells, and its' related types of magic are ice, sea, snow, mirror and fog, and its' time of day is dusk.