Monday, January 30, 2012

Creative Spell to Find Your Dream Job

Another spell that was sitting in my 'drafts' folder, and again I have no idea now where this came from or who wrote it. I apologize and thank who ever did. Sounds like a fun spell to use to gain a new job.

• Step 1
Gather magazines and newsprint, etc and cut out pictures and images and words that reflect your perfect job. Pictures of the company you'd like to work for, job descriptions from job posting boards, successful working people in your preferred industry, and the like work well for this spell. Make a collage of your images on construction paper by gluing your images in any way you feel would be reflective of your intention to find the perfect job.

•Step 2
On the night of a New Moon, gather your items together and go to a quiet space near a window. Anoint your gold candle in the patchouli oil from bottom to top, coating it completely. Then, sprinkle cinnamon on the candle over the oil. Place the candle in the small candle holder. As you are doing this clear your mind and focus only on your intention to find your perfect job.

•Step 3
Place your candle in the holder on a flat surface near a window. Place your collage of images behind the candle, far enough away that when the candle is lit, it will not catch the collage on fire. If you are using a window sill, tape your collage on the window behind the candle. If you are using another flat surface near a window, tape your collage on a wall nearby.

•Step 4
Sit facing your window and candle and place the picture of yourself next to your candle. Light the candle. Place your lodestone between your hands and close your eyes. Concentrate on getting the job you want by picturing yourself interviewing with the hiring manager, presenting your skills to the person, selling yourself as the best candidate for the position, and shaking hands with the person and accepting an offer for the job. Let your mind wander during this step. Think of all the elements of the job interview going in your favor. Do this until you are confident you have the job.

•Step 5
Now, take the picture of yourself and tape it on to the collage, anywhere. With your lodestone in your hands say this with conviction: "Anything is possible in my life, as of now I release all fear. Now the perfect job is mine, the intent is set and the path is clear. For the good of all, with harm to none. My spell is cast and it is done!"

•Step 6
Let your candle burn all the way down. Keep your collage where you can see it everyday. Carry your lodestone in your pocket or purse everywhere you go, especially to job interviews. Because this type of spell takes time, it may be that you should repeat it on the very next New Moon. Usually a turn of the Moon is sufficient, but it couldn't hurt to repeat it, if you have had no results from the first one. Support your spell work by thinking about being successful in your job search, and be realistic in your job choice and your dream job will come to you!
Things You'll Need:
•Gold taper candle
•Small candleholder
•Patchouli oil
•Ground cinnamon
•Picture of yourself happy
•Cut-out pictures of things, places, buildings, etc that represent your perfect job (you can use magazines, newsprint, etc.)
•Copy of your resume on parchment paper
•Flat surface in a private room for ritual and spell work (should be near a window. A window sill works well)


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